Fashion and Women Power, Jason Wu Shows Fall

Watching Jason Wu‘s fall collection live, front row: I am a witness to history.

The red  doors with giant brass knobs and lion’s head knockers.  The towering press corp. flashing shots at all the famous.  The glamorous  & fashionionable set around me breathing a sense of expectation into the frenzy.

The Blogger 19 and Brizo staff waiting outside

I am a guest of Brizo, the fashion forward  company who is sponsors the Jason Wu show.  And Jason has just designed a beautiful faucet for Brizo.  That’s how I got to be here in this moment.

Jason Wu Swarovski chrystals, silk and leather, photo courtesy of Jayme Thornton

Waiting outside the chain link fence, checking out outfits from sublime to ridiculous.   Suddenly the gate opens.  People with invitations spill forward.  I tear open my invite.  Delighted with the red holed card.  You are invited…..

The room is a huge warehouse with a few rows of benches, dressed up like pianos. sheets of paper with seat numbers.

Miling in the space, the pre “Show”

And the Red doors swing open, steam pours out and the first model trots out like a horse, long mane down her back,  heralding  exquisite detailed garb and the declaration of a changing of the guards.

A new breed of women are merging on the lawn of victory.  Warrior women. Venus is in the room.  I see the precision and the battle gear, high collars, epaulettes, leather binding. multiple straps & brass details. Domed fringed caps. I hear the hooves pounding on the ground.

Military Fringe courtesy of Jayme Thornton

I can feel the whips whispering across the concrete plains.   Tassels are bobbing. the pace is fast. I am spellbound. I see the cheongsam of the Empress. The mystery and mastery of lace. The suggestion of tiny silk flowers. Soft folds.  I can almost feel the sultry sexiness of Marlene Dietrich and the Empress energy drawing us in. Military detail in feminine lines. The iron fist in the velvet gauntlet.

Leather, Fur, Studs Jason Wu courtesy of Jayme Thornton

The dragon blows fire,  the swallow graces a belt..

Jason says this was his most personal collection to date.  I see herstory and a march of power.

The March of Women

Suddenly its all over.

Once the red door opens, we cant shut out what has entered.

What do you think?  Do you see fashion and clothing creating a fire that feeds and connects to earth and feminine power? Are you inspired to wear this type of clothing?  Share your thoughts in a comment below, I would love to hear from you.


Joie de Vivre,


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Fashion and Women Power, Jason Wu Shows Fall — 3 Comments

  1. So glad you enjoyed fashion week in my hometown Jen. Can’t wait to see in you in person and hear your thoughts on all that went on. I used to love the shows when I was in that business, from NYC to Paris, to Milan and London. I haven’t missed it in a while, but reading your post, I just might!

    • I am looking forward to catching up dear Irene. Yes it was a real treat. I can picture you enjoying every moment. So glad to give you a backward glimpse.

    • Hello dearest Irene. dont know what happened to my comment. fell off in comment hell. I know you would have a delicious time, if you went back to indulge. I do love your home town. Almost moved there 25 years ago. If I didnt regret rien I might feel a pause of sorrow.

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