Father’s day Celebrated

Another fathers day drops in, I search the photographs.
He was always behind the scenes. Working.

My dad has always there for me, but it wasn’t anything glamorous.

Not like my mom, who brought excitement. My dad brought calm and support. Always there, solid as a rock. Having people in our lives we can depend on, are essential in what often seems a crazy world.  My dad supports me still through my ups and downs.  There is a sweetness in knowing people are holding space for you to grow.

When I was little and I had nightmares I would run to my dad and wake him up. He would take me back to my room, and wait for me to get into bed.  Even though he got up early every morning and worked long hours.

My dad who took me to the second hand book store on many Saturday afternoons, and would let me pick as many 15c romance stories as I wanted.  All those lonely weekends, when I was too awkward to leave reading for life.   He held a space for me to be nurtured and protected. He still does. My beautiful father, with a heart of a lion.

My dad threw me in the pool, so I would learn to swim.  That was a gift I still cherish.  Always enjoying his food and life, my dad taught me about setting boundaries, and working to make dreams come true.  When family would come over and stay all hours, my dad would go upstairs, when he was ready for bed, no apologies or expecting people to leave.  He taught me that it was ok for a polite woman to do her own thing, and let other people do theirs.  That supporting oneself was freedom.  That behind manners, power lurks.

My dad, who brought me dinky cars to play in the piles of building sand that lived at the bottom of the garden.  Who taught me that life could be full with simple pleasures, coming home laden with treats to share.

That the possibilities of who we could become were entirely up to us.  That fear is all tied to our imagination. We fear because we imagine the worst. We can walk on a string 6 inches off the ground, but raise the string 10 feet and suddenly we are frozen because of what we imagine.  He taught me that yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes, that the present is the moment to be in. That if I chose, I could be the captain of my own ship.  It took me a long time to focus on where I wanted to travel, but finally I got it.

So I salute my dad who taught me all kinds of fabulous everyday things that shape me.

Who was it in your life that added that ordinary magic ?  What lessons still ring true for you?

Joie de Vivre,

Jen Duchene


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