Fill the Fireplace box

A fireplace can be a wonderful source of heat and a place to stimulate the imagination

We have a fascination for fire.  Gazing into flames is so romantic.  It feels so wonderful to have a sofa facing the fireplace.

Yet so many times the fireplace is not used because its in an awkward spot, or the owners dont like fires or the fireplace doesnt work.

What do you do when you have a space to fill?

What can we fill our fireplace box with?  Think of it as an art box.  A space to create.  Turn it into an altar, or a light source.

A mound of herbs or flowers, or vegetables

A holder of special art,  Or cover it up completely

How about wood as a statement?

or with plants, art , mirrors, color or  even create an art piece of of it.

Three ways to decorate fireplace boxes with instructions, paint, wallpaper like below, or mirrors,

Or how about using it as a place to store things, like books. For more fireplace box ideas

There are so many ways to create a space that reflects a little bit of you, or to cover the space so it disappears or becomes a fun storage space

What are you doing in your fireplace?  comment below and let me know.      And if you would like your home to reflect and charm you every day, call me Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592

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Fill the Fireplace box — 8 Comments

  1. Love the books! When we had a wood burning fireplace in our last home I had a beautiful candelabra that we used all the time. Now we have a gas one with the fake logs and I use it whenever I can!

  2. I love our fire! Makes things all cosy in winter and, as you know, we have THE most magnificent fireplace 🙂
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears For Freedom

  3. I love having a fire in our fireplace, too! have thought about switching to gas but not sure how that would impact our PG&E bill! Love the ideas about how to alternatively use the fireplace box, especially if it is a fireplace that is dysfunctional or never used. I have known people before that had a damaged chimney they didn’t want to spend money fixing, so doing something like you show here would have been a great way to make use of the space and brighten up their living room!

    • Donna a gas fireplace would save you money, since you would not need to use your central heating. Very effective for drafty places. I know a great fireplace store if you decide to check out the options. Yes if the space is just a hole there is certainly options to fill it.

  4. Oh, fireplaces! How much I love them. Doesn’t make much sense to have one in Texas but my husband and I have decided to move within the next two years to a place where we can have (and use) one. Even though we could have one here with the above ideas and use them for decorative purpose. But that will have to wait, I will file this idea in my mind for a future place 🙂

    • How exciting Franziska to think about moving to a place where you can use a fireplace. Cant wait to read all about your next adventures!

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