Finding Value in your Voice

A woman’s value is in her voice.  What we say or don’t say is what makes us.  Silence maybe golden but it can also be poison.  Not saying what you think can pollute in ways we often don”t recognize until its too late.

I practiced “polite pollution ” for many years.  I hid, pouted and grumbled. I declared that life wasn’t fair. That unhappiness made people around me unhappy too.  A groundswell of discontent. made me.

When we are silent, or when we rage, or cry we speak too.  Maybe not in the way we want to be heard.  People look disgusted, disapproving and we feel judged. Weakened by our niceness.  Our willingness to shut up, so someone else’s feelings wont be hurt.   We sink so other will swim.   I think that is a losing game and I am worn out with losing.  I no longer am satisfied to be a mourner in my life.  I want Victory.  I want my Venus Rising to be bold.  To vanquish the monster under the bed.  Forever.

Being safe feels so good, for a little while. until I see how much it sinks me in mire.  Rebirthing from mud may be messy but I relish the feel of life on my skin.

What about you?   Are you ready to dive in and uncover your voice?  Be seen and heard in a way that frees you.   Abundance is within your grasp.   It starts with owning up to what matters.   When people talk about having it all,  I think this is what they are talking about.   What matters a kingdom if we are not free to speak out?  To dance with wild abandon.

It feels really good to be living in this interesting time.   Finally we are free to speak out and feel safe.  Find the value in our voice.  Know that every voice is a light that leads the way

We are all different.  And each of us has gifts and brilliance to share.  We cannot spread that brilliance or shine that light onto the world if we don’t express who we are.  In the way we speak, what we say, what we seek and how we live.  In how we claim and decorate our Sacred Space, our Le Chic Cocoon.

Our lives are a manifestation of who we are under the blankets.   Do you know your inner woman?  Have you given her a window seat or is she still huddling in a dark corner?    What I have learned is that helping others begins with helping ourselves.  Reaching into who we are and expressing that woman is an incredible gift.  Support of knowing we are not alone in our difference.

“My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.”
Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.,

I love this quote by Mr Stevenson because popularity has brought us to the brink of disaster. We cant change or grow if we do not value our own voice, or the truth of becoming who we are, where others see us.

What would you give up to be you, I wonder?

Joie de Vivre



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