Food and Design: Caprese Salad

Summer is a favorite time for salads, and outdoor meals.   A wonderful time to travel, to your backyard or places further afield.  Adventures in food and color.

Of course being a foodie, I always bring out the camera when plates come to rest on the table.. I drive all my friends and family crazy while I snap each plate.


Buffalo Mozarella Salad

Once such holiday was on the French coast, where I snapped the Caprese pre devourment.

Many meals consumed in three courses, lots of wine, water and strolling off to a lively cafe to drink a digestive.

Kate Spade Apartment creates luscious delectable style with a bold hand.


Being a designer,  I look at food, like I look at design.  I analyze and visualize.  I savor the look of the plate, the composition and the aroma.

Plus I get to marry two of my favorite passions.    Food is part of the design of life,  one needs to eat a meal to design.  Meals and rooms are both designed to be savored, and enjoyed, alone and with companions.  To open our hearts and our appetites.

I adore a good tomato, especially when married to buffalo mozarella.  In France they often leave the cheese whole on the plate, and sometimes chop up shallots with the basil.


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


The swirl of balsamic vinegar and the pool of virgin olive oil has me thinking of art, and what a room would look like in these colors. With layers, weight and dashes.   Each Caprese salad is different, depending on who is making it and what the occasion is.   I like to think the same will happen in a room.  No two people would create a red and yellow room quite the same.

There is something so delicious about red and yellow.  Primary colors yes, and the sun kissed yellow pops against the red.    There is joy tumbling through a room with red walls and a yellow chair.  Just like the vibrant caprese salad.  Who could not be refreshed and energized by such a combination.   Some crisp bread, a light white wine,  and all is well with the world of color.

There is no end to what combination of textile and pattern could beguile us, with these two powerful yet polite colors.  Really a polite woman could be completely at home in a Red and Yellow room.   Sometimes primary colors have more depth and sophistication than we give them credit for.

Vanity in yellow with red velvet seat found on Pinterest.

What do you think?  Could you be happy with a room of red and yellow?  Would you eat a Caprese in that room?  Post your comment.


Joie de Vivre,




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