Food and Design: Champagne and Oysters

What a taste, what a color palette!

I was just on the bay drinking in one of my favorite meals, oysters and bubbles
with the amazing and talented Kelly Morisseau, the kitchen expert.

We met to catch up on our book adventures. When you write a book it’s like an oyster that has swallowed the grit to create a pearl.

Your life changes, you have more moments to meet oysters and champagne in a bar, over looking the water and bridges. Travel and adventures.  The fear and excitement of getting way bigger than your britches, and stepping into it.

I won one of Kelli’s books Kelly’s Kitchen Sync in a contest, which was a surprise and a real thrill. I love all her uncommon kitchen sense.

We talked design shop, and dipped into a crab tower while quaffing a half bottle of golden bubbles.

Champagne and oysters in San Francisco

One of my all time favorite quotes is the one Monk Benedict coined when he created champagne. You know champagne was an accident? Like a lot of beautiful things in life.  The grit in the oyster.  The quote was coined when Benedict called his fellow monks, awed by what he had created. “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!”   How can you express your voice in the rooms of your life?

Champagne reminds me of a room of a creamy wheat of gold. Layers of light. The sheen of oysters and the complex layers of creams and black that ridge an oyster shell.


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


Could you live in a room designed around Champagne?   I could.  Did you know that champagne comes in different colors?  Some like straw, some like wheat, others pink.

Champagne bubbles are a wonderful inspiration to me for a room. Maybe I would search for champagne art, or paint the ceiling in a layer of textural bubbles.

Float a carpet that is reminiscent of an oyster shell. One wall would be crushed oysters, maybe the fire wall.  Others could be pearlescent white, glowing in the refracted light.

Chairs and a couch in shades of champagne colors. A mother of pearl table with legs of gold.  Or a chair like the one below?


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


Watered silk champagne drapes.     For a bit of tongue in cheek, I might use some large champagne bottles to make a table base.  Jeraboam, Methuselah, Nebuchadnezzar .

I love these tiles – I could see a wall covered in them to remind me of champagne and oysters 🙂  from Cle – the Welbeck Tiles Platinum Collection.

It is said that Champagne is so popular because the Champagne houses popularized the idea that it was a drink of royals and aristocracy.

Whatever the reason,  I am glad to drink champagne and would love to do it in a room that feels like bubbles.

What about you?   What would your Boudoir des Champagne look like?


Joie de Vivre


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Food and Design: Champagne and Oysters — 2 Comments

  1. I always so enjoy and love your flights of fancy and inspiration and creativity! For me, I think that a room for drinking champagne would be light and airy with lots of floor to ceiling windows and doors opening to a beautiful, flower-filled garden filled with sparkly lights and butterflies! The floor would be highly polished, dark wood with a depth of character and there would be gorgeous, bright colors in antique-framed paintings on the walls, and soft, comfy chairs and chaise lounges near small, round wooden tables that appear to be growing from the floor. Whoa, I got really carried away there! See how inspirational you are, Jen???

    • Love that I inspire you Donna. Your room sounds delightful. I wouldnt mind coming over to quaff a glass of bubbles!

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