Food and Design: Figs

Food and design go hand in hand, right? Most people love food, or enjoy what food brings.  The gathering of people to share a meal. Conversation and pleasure.  A human experience.

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Food is color, presentation and inspiration.  My latest venture is a weekly post about translating food into rooms.

I am passionate about my surroundings and what I eat. I also am totally absorbed in color, shape and light.  I have been having this romance with food and design alone and I wanted to share my food/design associations.


Do you ever get excited just thinking about the smell, texture, color and experience of eating a summer meal?  All those fruits, filled with plump richness.  The kind that makes you pause because of the sheer audacity of taste.
Nectar of the Gods..

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A summer fruit that is explosive to my palate and imagination is figs… what is  more alluring that a plate of figs,  sliced in half, or wrapped in Prosciutto?   Sliced onto bread or baked in a pie?

Is there anything more mouthwatering than that?

The colors make me think of a room –  a fig room.  The deep aubergine skin, the soft or deep pink inner flesh tinged with gold flecks and surrounded by rich cream and sometimes a touch of green.

The soft plumpness, that inner glow, gives an energy that is palpable.

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My mind starts to build a room around a purple fig palette.  I am enchanted by all the options.

Rich purple walls, perhaps textured like fig skin.  A cream couch, and a deep pink chair.

Or rich cream walls, a shiny deep black purple ceiling, golden brown seeds could show up in a tweed on the couch,  a rich magenta and cream rug in fig texture, and a couple of half fig pillows.

Rich deep golden fig shaped brass lights.

Huge pieces of art,   could be fig art or splashes of shades of purple and pink framed in cream.
Dark green leather tables,  & console or a deep bronze gold.  Or a mix.


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Magenta velvet drapes, lined with deep black purple.. an endless array of choices.
Modern wild or classic design- depending on finishes and accessories.  An Ode to Figs….

When you think about it.  Preparing a meal  –  a fig tart fit for kings to savor or creating a room that feels equally delicious  is just different kinds of cooking.   You need a recipe, a budget and a passion.   Miracles are whipped up, rooms do linger on the senses.   What food inspires you to create a room?  Leave a comment below and share.  I would love to taste.

Joie de Vivre,



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Food and Design: Figs — 3 Comments

  1. You are a delight, Jennifer! such a wonderful way of engaging all the senses in what you create! and I love the idea of using food as an inspiration for room designs. So creative!

  2. I love the way you connect everything to color and design…of course I LOVE this rendition of purple passion – practically orgasmic!

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