Food + Design : Avocado Salad

Inspired by food to create rooms that taste as good as they look… Avocado comes to mind.

I love avocado.  Not just for the taste and versatility but for the color.

I love how Avocado is made up of three greens. A designer’s delight – a whole scheme in one fruit.
The yellow green in the center.  The deeper green on the edges and the intense deep black textured green of the skin. (my favorite avo)

There is a fresh happy feel with a creaminess that is voluptous and simple.

Avocado room

I created this on Olioboard to illustrate what a fabulous combination avocado can create in a room

You dont need much to make a dish taste delicious …  a little bit of avocado changes everything  – from basic to delicious.

Kind of how I like to decorate.   Pulling a room together, with what is there.  Adding the spice of an ingredient like avocado.

What intrigues me about creating an avocado room or  dish, is that you can eat it plain, add it to salads or sandwiches, drink it, create dessert with it.

Its exotic, flexible and accessible.

When you create your room,  what do you put in to add that special flavor that makes the room yours?   Do you layer the same color in shades and tints to bring in subtle hints of less than the obvious ? Do you repeat and emphasize?  Make a bold statement that lingers in the senses?

What excites me about building a room like a salad is the usual ingredients are only the beginning.  The foundation.   The leaves or the couch.  As you layer and create it becomes a distillation.   The best salads are a blend of well chosen basics with the addition of some taste twisters.  Unexpected flavors.

The part of you that may not be well known.  The grapefruit, blackberries, mache, and hazelnuts with chopped turkey with a drizzle of avocado dressing. A dash of lemon zest and basil leaves.

Or peaches and shrimp in an avocado boat.  Your room, your magic avocado delight.

The same items interpreted in different ways.  The same pattern scaled large and small. Identical prints used in unexpected ways.  There is no limit to how much fun and play, creating a dish, or your room,  your Polite Passion Palace, or Le Chic Cocoon as a Salad Compose’.

It’s a balance that has its own taste, each ingredient, each piece that connects to the others in the room or dish creates a brand new flavor.  A burst of excitement in the mouth or in the impact of how you see the room.

What could you add to your room to make it feel like that luscious avocado?   I know avocado gets a bad rap from all those appliances and carpets that flooded houses indescriminitely  in the seventies.  Well if you take over ripe avocado and mush it up and throw it on anything,  it could ruin a beautiful meal.

Composition is key in a room, in a salad and in life.   I prefer the look of sliced avocado to avocado mush.   A room is a visual.  So while in a sandwich sliced or mushed may not matter, in a room every element plays a role.

The idea of translating what I see on the plate to a room that delights gives me joy.   How would  you create an avocado room?   To see more of what inspires my avo within visit my pinterest board.  A dark green couch, with a zig zag print drape that echoes the two inner greens?  Or perhaps you would toss on a few pillows that look like halves of an avocado?  or  use that in a print to cover a chair.  Create a table made of avocado wood, that somehow reminds you of the avocado pit?   Balance it out with black, white and some yellow?   I think there are many ways to add the avocado feel and taste to a room of your own.    I would love to hear how you would add your “avocado” element.

Joie de Vivre,

Jen Duchene

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