Food + Design: Blueberry

I love food. Maybe you know that about me.  I also love design.  I think the two create a dance that marries what is joyful in life on so many levels.

Some people don’t care what they eat, where they sit, or who they sit with.  I do.  For me, a life lived within beauty is essential.  Beauty changes who we are.  For the better. It gives us long vision. Especially when we add color.  A little color or a lot, it changes what we see.

Eating, entertaining, feeling alive, celebrated and comforted.  All the emotions we experience can be altered by what  surrounds us.   Loved ones, our favorite things, eating food made with love.

We hunger, we eat with all our senses. Feeling and tasting what bursts bubbles of delight in our mouth.
Blue food is hard to find but I do have a fondness for blueberries.  Round and tart.  They look so pretty and I love how they gleam and look good in multiples.  Falling for blueberries is like decorating.

Blue is more than a taste, its a mood.   Blue and white has been a staple in design forever.   I grew up in blue and white rooms.   My mother collected blue and white porcelain and we hung out in the blue room when I was growing up.  I think that influenced me forever.

I still am obsessed with white in blue in all the shades of blueberry.  Delicious crisp and so inviting.

Blue changes moods.  A blue couch can be married to any mood or style.   Be masculine or feminine.   Soft and romantic or terribly proper.   Of course no Polite Woman worth her salt would settle for less than  a corner  with a chaise to fall back on and eat blueberry pie or blueberries and cream.

I am dreaming of blue, what about you?  Would you buy a blue couch or look for that perfect robins egg blue to match a real egg?  Would you fill a bowl of blueberries to put on a table  or blow up blue berries for a  close up?

I fancy a dining room with a wall covered in blue curacao macarons,  with all white furniture and blue hydrangeas and ranunculus potted in porcelain

Or a dark blue stained wood floor, with blue walled venetian plaster and a white velvet couch.  I would create drapes from white ostrich feathers, and fill the room with silver metal lanterns and lamps with feathered shades.    On the walls I would hang blue art.


How do you express your blue?   Many artists had a blue period.  People talk about once in a blue moon, and tomorrow night the moon is blue.  Songs have been sung to the blues and I don’t think they were talking color.   Self expression means you can have your food and decorate with it too.  What would you do?

Leave me a comment and share.

Joie de Vivre,


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Food + Design: Blueberry — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jen,

    I was looking up at the Blue Moon tonight, and passed the place where we had soup and champagne a while back, and now here is your post about the blues and your riff on the blue moon. Blueberries are a wonderful and beautiful jumping off point for decorating.

    Such a cheerful fruit, despite their blueness.

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