Food + Design: Lobster Salad

Something about the rich sweet meat of lobster that has my taste buds salivating.

Maybe it was the all those lobsters I ate as a child, with lemon butter garlic sauce.  Every time Lobster is on the menu, I want to order it.  Inspiration to drench a room in lobster salad color.

Summer, cold lobster salad, takes me back to feasts on Sunday with huge glass bowls of Seafood Salads, Mock Crayfish, or as people say on this side of the watering hole, rock lobster.

Many moments of choosing live lobster as they swam in a glass and water at the Lobster Hole. To be cooked live.  What a fate. Boiled to a red rage.

I can’t help but dream of rooms, paint and accessories when I encounter a lobster.  Like this bold

look below.  Green walls like a bed of leaves, with the red and white, sophisticated and warm.

What I love is the contrast of cold lobster and green leaves, and the richness of the red.  From black to orange, a variation of color that allows the depth of nature to capture us.

Fascinating to discover rooms that have lobster salad looks,like this porch, which is perfect for lobster appetizers with  a glass of white.  Dreaming decorating and lobsters, has me fantasizing what Andy Warhol would have done with lobster art, had he had a red seafood period.

How does one create casual chic without going smaltzy?  Maybe a lobster lamp would be fun.  Or a rug crawling with lobsters.   I know someone somewhere could make a table covered in lobster shells.  Or crush the shells and add it to paint to texturize a wall.

The lobster dance is not done,  on the porch of white wood.   With lobster salad colors.  Layered.Dancing to sweet happiness. That color combination that is old and new. Still delicious.

Sometimes the yellow of the butter sauce comes to mind, and adds one more color to the mix.  To drench us in the taste and texture of meals that capture a moment of pleasure so light and delicious. Who can resist that lemon butter sauce ?    Artichokes and lobster, now that would be a treat.   Buttery walls, with
artichokes and lobsters on pillows on a green couch and red chairs

Would you create a room around a lobster salad?   I would love to hear all about your lobster thoughts.  Share in a comment below.

Joie de Vivre,


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Food + Design: Lobster Salad — 3 Comments

  1. Such a fun take on decorating, Jen, using food as color inspiration — love it! Orange & green look beautiful together (who knew??) both on the plate & the picture of the outdoor space. Now I’m hungry… 🙂

    Heidi & Atticus

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