Food + Design: Raspberries & Cream

Just thinking about raspberries and cream conjures up all kinds of dishes that have my mouth watering. Are you inspired to decorate around food, the way I am?  The very smell of fresh raspberries is so aromatic of the sweet life.   Raspberry jam with a dollop of marscarpone, or homemade popsicles in white wrappers.

That mixing of raspberry and cream that suggests a raspberry tea and the outdoors.  Or a room full of deep rosy passion.  The layers and depth in shades of Raspberry that linger on the tongue and on the eye. It feels so refreshing and sweet. Crisp and tart, like a burst of delicious in the mouth. This Freudian Pink Slip is very Raspberry and Cream.  Unexpected and delightful.

The colors and shapes that create shades and patterns that remind us of a full bowl of raspberries.  The circles of  delicious that run the gamut from creamy white to rich yummy deep pink red.  A balance of tart and sweet.  Flame and ice. Layered in a room or in a bowl of raspberries and cream.

Raspberries on toast with goat cheese, raspberry tart, raspberry sauce on vanilla ice-cream, or picking raspberries fresh off the bramble. The mouth wateringly delicious look of raspberry ice-cream with a crust of cake to enhance the texture and composition, with a dusting of sugar.


Or a couch reflecting the deep rich  warmth of berries gone wild in a cream walled room. I can taste a raspberry as it fills my senses looking at this room.  Do you love raspberries to decorate your food and could you crush a pile to paint a wall?  Raspberries are so versatile.  In touches in a salad. Crushed in a sauce.  There is no end to the versatility of the fruit.  I could raspberry my bedroom walls. Or cover a wall in raspberry infused papers, and art in gold frames.  I would paint my front door in a shade rich and inviting and pile up white pots filled with shades of pink blossoms.

Would you create a room from raspberries and cream?  Do you long to bring the luxury of raspberries and white into your boudoir or Sacred Space?  What do you dream of when you are eating food that the earth offers in such rich and joyful colors?   Share in a comment below.

Joie de Vivre,


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