Freedom is your choice

This is an exciting time we are living in.  Where change is more than a word, it becomes part of our living legacy doing life as an adventure. With the freedom to be naked in the crosshairs.  Choice is part of change, which takes courage. We can live comfortably continuing to swallow lies, or we can use the energy the numbers  speak of  to propel ourselves forward. Today is a 14/5 calendar day, the date 5.14 and the year 14/5 speak to the number the ancients called the number of the Scribe.   Known as the media number – where our voices meet in the marketplace.  Opinions, agreements, shocking or titillating news hit the broadband and bounce back at us, making a mess or cleaning one up.   Truthfully our culture demands change through the spoken or written word. The visual message of horror or happiness that we grieve over or delight in brings it all to the forefront.  The media is like a giant filter, scooping up everything and mashing it all together, sometimes in ways that have us scratching our head, or falling apart.   Of course you don’t have to share your shifts in the world media for it to change your life.   On a scribe kind of day, you might be drawn to describe what you are feeling or needing, so you can relieve the pressure or spread the joy.

Putting on a show

Five is a number that adds up to freedom, adventure, fearless self expression.  It sits on a rocker, open on both sides, and occupies that middle space between 1 and 9.  When the five is activated, it reminds us that freedom comes at a price. You can’t have freedom without boundaries..  If you travel to new lands, try new things, speak the unspoken, there is always risk.  Maybe you will love or hate it, perhaps you will need to cut cords, let go of what holds you back.  Change is a demanding mistress, and yet when you come into the world, you do so knowing your need to change, get clearer and more connected to your voice and soul.  It is the eye of the storm thing.  Life around you can stir up all kinds of things, and it will.   In fact the word LIFE itself adds up to a 23/5.   You need only one sure thing in the storm.  To know your boundaries in any given moment.  What will you risk?  What will you hold?  What makes you a better expression of you and what holds you hostage?

Picture 83

There is another significant five in this day, of the full Scorpio moon in May.  Exact at 23/5,  with the sun in opposition at the same degree 23/5.  Which reveals the struggle between our emotions  (the moon) sometimes she wants us to hide, protect or make it easy for others,  and the sun – our conscious masculine energy that wants us to shine a light on the belly of darkness.   Emotions do better in the light, our voices too.   When ever I think about Freedom,  I think about that song that Janice Joplin sang  – ‘Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose’  That is true.  Surrender means you stop worrying about the outcome and focus on feeding your soul.  Joyous expansion and creative strides are made when you don’t fear what you can’t control.   Follow your heart, your intuition and sense of adventure.

This is your magic ride. What do you need to release, and gather to enjoy the freedom of being you?

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