Full August Moon Speaks

Every Month we have a full moon and a new moon.  So what is the fuss all about?

Well, in the old days before we had a calendar measured by a clock, people lived according to the movement of the Sun and the Moon.    When the sun rose it was day.  When it set it was night. How did people keep track of the seasons with the Sun rising and falling?

They used the waxing and waning of the moon to keep track of the cycles.  In fact in the old days they had 13 months in a year.  4 Seasons, 4 cycles of time, celebrated under the Full Moon which tracked the shifting of the Sun power through the spiraling of nature. Birth, (Spring) Flowering (Summer)  Harvest (Fall) and Stillness (Winter).  Thirteen is the powerful number of the Divine Goddess.    Number of Unexpected changes.  1 plus 3 equals 4.  No coincidence in how the numbers repeat themselves.  4 represents order planning and is a number that brings ideas into reality.

I made a video to reflect some of the excitement that is being revealed within the numerology code, the energetics of this emerging of this new Regime and how it is revealed in the Full Moon Event this weekend

The moon also represent our mother energy, roots, inner child and the feminine cycle.  The moon rules Cancer.  Sign of water.   The 4th house (1+3) is the natural home of Cancer and the Moon.  The crab ( a safe shelled creature at home in its two skins – outer hard shell, soft inner flesh).   All about roots, ancestors, hearth, personal sacred ground and beliefs.  Our vulnerable innerness is safe in our awareness of who we are.  The truer we are to who we are, the more we can move at ease in the light and shadow of our reality.

The moon controls the movement of the tides influences women’s menstrual periods and our very moods. Our bio rhythms.  Just like emotions, water goes where others cannot. It seeps into cracks, it fills in all the spaces. Our bodies have so much water.  New Moon is all about beginnings.  Full Moon is about completion.

This month of August on the 29th, a portal to the unknown day of connection and forgiveness,  we have a Super Moon – which means the moon is as close to the earth as it can be.
The moon is the substance of magic.  La Lune,  loon,  howling at the moon, all about love and calling in the emotion within in our souls, that secret inner world.

The sun features in the new moon and full moon.  The sun is the external.  Father figure, golden ball of fire, bringer of life and conscious mind while the moon rules the subconscious watery depths. A silver mirror to the golden glow of the sun’s bright light.

This moon is part of a cycle of the Goddess Returns.  A Queen has been born, that reflects the celestial passage of the King being born about 2,000 years ago.

This time however we have a realignment happening.  Masculine and Feminine are being balanced, within us and without us. We are stripping away the excess.  Bringing balance, health and joy into our everyday “diet”

The King and Queen are now Divinely matched by love – a Royal Union.
Double 6.6 meeting as the full moon was exact.  Extraordinary.  6 is the number of love, abundance, family, health, service and home. A complement to the 4 of our roots & safety.  This meeting brings our inner home into our outer home.  Our desire for love into our daily expression of happiness. Our conscious minds are being shifted by the celestial rulers.  The numbers share the secrets as do the planets and stars in the Cosmos.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what is showing up for you right now, and what if anything resonates for you about my video.

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