Garden Art

What I love about design is all the people who create beautiful things. They make it easy for anyone to create beautiful rooms.  Tablescapes, vignettes and walls of art to create stunning still lifes.

Just thinking about the gorgeosity of what artists do, that fill rooms, museums, fairs and life, makes my mouth water.

Human beings need beauty. That is why nature is so splendid. Our surroundings matter on such a deep level, a visceral space we often don’t give enough credence to. I believe this so strongly I wrote a book about it. Le Chic Cocoon, that Sacred Space that fills us up, our personal love cup.

My friend Corinna Mori, is one such artist. Incredibly talented, her pieces are living jewels. Subtle, glowing and glorious. Photos actually do not do any of her work justice. Her clay is so fine, her glazes so integrated its hard to separate the two. Each piece is made with a little chip of the Mori touch. Like a Bacarrat Crystal it holds a gleam of love.

Being in her home, and around her amazing work just makes my heart sing. I love visiting not only for the incredible ceramics, but for the warmth Corinna exudes. She is the consummate hostess. Her table is laden with good food, her garden is a living piece of art, and on every visit, I am enfolded in joy.

And now she is deep in creating her latest passion. Ceramic Totem Poles. A brilliant concept. Beautiful garden art, which is a deep passion of mine.

I am a creature of the green. I dream of being surrounding by leaves. Corinna’s work has me seeking to discover more. The genius is that no two poles are alike.

They are grouped in two or threes for the best result. Clients can pick the colors and shapes they are drawn to, from the pile of ceramic bangles, or she can pull it together for you, with her unerring eye.

A totem of who you are, in the colors of your garden, or your heart. Art is an expression of you.

What do you like to see in your garden art ?

love and crowns


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