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The Tweet that started this blog post.

Would love 4U @JenniferDuchene, 2 blog on how you will be my next #GetPublished guest on Wed. Dec. 7th on #selfpublishing tips 4 #design!

Me @JenniferDuchene being invited to be a guest on tkpleslie Leslie Carothers #GetPublished tweet chat.

aie Currumba! Cosmo time!!


Leslie Carothers is so dear to me.  and I admire her so much for her forward thinking and being bold enough to tilt the world to meet change.


Her kindness to me has been a barometer of the New World Order. One that I am excited to embrace.    I love how strolling the tweet-o-meter and facebook-ooter have connected us to our clan.  I  like to think of our intermingling as being a clan – people we have chosen to connect to, rather than a global village.   In a village we may well be saddled with busybodies, in a clan we are working to a dynamic that profits us all.


I decided to write and publish my own book “Le Chic Cocoon” and it i has been like MrToad’s wild ride. Way better of course.  It has given me expert status, opened doors and windows.  My life is changing as I write. The “Wind in the Willows” rushes through  Life is an adventure, I am so glad I jumped on board.

tkpleslie Leslie Carothers


Dear @jenniferduchene: Many in #design needing tips to #selfpublishing in 2012. Would U like 2B my #GetPublished guest on Wed. Dec. 7th?

in a word?  YES

Leslie and I have talked about how the Design World (and I do think of it as a magical place full of Beauty Bringers) is veered into a new direction.  We had a fascinating conversation in Highpoint, (I was book signing!)  lolling among antique lace pillows, at Pandora de Balthazar showroom, surrounded by design brains and objects of desire.

It is time to reinvent ourselves.  If you have a book germinating or waiting to burst forth,  join us on a pathway down the twitter highway.


kpleslie YEAH @jenniferduchene! SO HAPPY UR accepting my invite to be my guest on Wed. Dec. 7th for next #GetPublished chat on #selfpublishing tips!


I am delighted and extremely honored to be Leslie Carothers guest on her fabulous #GetPublished Chat  on Wednesday December 7th  6pm EST  3pm PST


See what happens when you self publish ?  Life is sweet with a book as an accessory. Even sweeter with the friendships that flourish.


The inimitable Leslie Carothers on the left at Highpoint!

@tkpleslie: HAPPY @citypassion @lawyer1mom @moggitgirls that @jenniferduchene has said YES to being next #GetPublished guest Dec. 7th!



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Jen Duchene Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Soul Reader, Speaker, Author. Facilitating Akashic Readings and Healing plus individual and business Astro-numerology, combining transformative wisdom with sacred soulfulness to guide clients back to their authentic self.


Get Published TweetChat — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Jen ~

    What a sweet post and thank you! You are such a kind person and I am really delighted that you’ve agreed to share with the design community on Twitter that participates in the #GetPublished chat a deeper dive into some of what you’ve learned through your own self publishing journey with your book, Le Chic Cocoon.

    More importantly, the information IN your book is much deeper and more meaningful than many might think at first glance reading the {wonderful} title.

    Reading it and absorbing its message is subtly changing my life so I hope your willingness to share tips will also encourage people to share with you by buying your book for themselves or for those they know that need encouragement to create their own *selfish space* in their homes and/or in their lives ~

    Thanks again, Jen! Have a warm and lovely Thanksgiving ~


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