Giving Voice to your Vision with Lisa Steadman

Stop beating yourself up if you are playing small.

You don’t grow by punishing yourself. Liberation is about letting out ALL of who we are. Being REAL with ourselves. Opening up to play with those dusty boxes of dreams you put away because you thought you had to grow up and get serious.

Playing big means being willing to look foolish while having fun.  Getting off the comfort couch!

Life is about laughter and experience. Your Experience.

There is something so charming about dancing in the light, without worrying about if you are doing it right.

My guest Lisa Steadman shares her ebullience and WOOHOO  Wisdom, by opening her heart, talking up personal realities of breaking up with family, being stuck to the couch of life because of the size of her thighs, and not letting any of that stop her dreams and DO.

Do you wake up some mornings mourning for what should have been?  Or are you ready to get real about how big you can play?  Take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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