Halloween Decorating Using what you have.

What pictures, art, jewelry artifacts and home accessories do you have lying around that you can repurpose to make a creepy yet stylish statement of Halloween decor, without having to go out and shop?

Make it a breeze to decorate for Halloween.

Pull out what you already own to decorate this Halloween

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Halloween Decorating Using what you have. — 2 Comments

  1. I love this Jen. It reminds me of a gay couple I knew when I was an Au Pair in Connecticut. They used to redecorate their entire house like this every Halloween and then throw an outrageous party – fun. I’m afraid we’re a bit Walmart at Halloween and only do it for the kids – but maybe one day when I have more spare time – if ever – LOL
    Louise Edington
    International Au pair Finder

  2. Thanks Louise, you are too funny. No spare time when you are so concentrated. You can just decorate the area at your front door. In fact get the kids involved in making it spookilicious. Great to repurpose the Walmart variety of decorations to make them more personal. Log cabin halloween…

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