Holiday Decorating be gone.

The holiday season is a wrap.  Time to put away the tinsel, and Fill your dance card for the year.

Of course now that we have eaten and drunk and laughed our fill, we need to do the dirty deed and find a place for all the discount holiday decorations & the splurges, brought home to celebrate the holidays.

The new glass balls, the fat men in red suits, the brown vases that looked so good on the table. Or any deals you find before closing the boxes.

First put the Christmas /Chanukah/ Kwanzaa themed stuff back in their little safe houses.

Round up all the holiday suspects, toss what is broken, and create a giveaway pile if there is stuff you have grown out of.

Wrap and box in small boxes and label

Box the boxes in a big box or container.  Here are a couple of great storage items :  Ornament Storage box from The Container Store or  try this one from StacksandStacks or a luxury box.

Place in your garage or closet.

Next update the gift station with new cards

gift wrapping paper and ribbons you have just snagged at the sales and put away.

Check out all the bargains – but before you buy make a list of what you need and what your intended theme will be for the holiday season 2010 or at least the color.

Save old cards for decorative crafts & hanging.

Box or pack in the holiday gift & wrap container

Then onto the household extras


vases holiday linens.

I rarely holiday themed items since I live in a tiny house.

I just purchase what I can use in multiple ways

Like buying good basics and some glamor pieces for your wardrobe.

However homes and life have a way of filling up with stuff

Denote a shelf or a box for your rotation or entertainment items

If you received items you dont like and cant return, donate or re-gift now or put in your future gift closet or box ready for the next giftee on your list.

You will feel so good  – your first workout for the new Year.  Give yourself a pat on the back  and sit down with a cup of tea . After all your hard work you will need it.

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Holiday Decorating be gone. — 2 Comments

  1. I love that you even make cleaning it all up fun and festive Jen! Thanks!

    Ann Evanston
    Warrior Women, Wine and Wisdom

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