Do your Home Decor ideas deserve abundant thought?

Ideas for decorating a home come from the heart.  The other day I was at a manifest party and the conversation was about scarcity and how that kind of thinking means we never have abundance in our lives.

It got me thinking. Money is energy.  It is also the way we recognize wealth in another human being.  More interesting still is how much abundance and the lack of can translate into the way we live at home.   When we think that we are too poor to live well, then that becomes true.  Are you abundant in how you think of your surroundings?  Do you tell yourself you can’t afford to live well? That you can’t afford design help?  Even though an hour or two can change your room from drab to fab?

Or do you see all your treasures around you as a rich and abundant reflection of how full your life is?  What makes a space cozy is the feeling you bring to the importance of the items you collect in love.  Polishing with happiness, sharing with joy. Being abundant in the spirit of creating your nest. No matter the cost.

Take a look around your room and do you see abundance or scarcity?  Are you plunged into the joy of living or holding back for someday?

I find I love shiny objects, and loads of texture, with warm colors like gold’s, and my favorite black white, green, blue and reds. These same colors are reflected over and over. I see history in rugs with patterns, and enjoy how the light catches my favorite green beaded bowl.   If you want to move from scarcity to an abundant lifestyle first you have to know you are worth it. Then you have to let go of what no longer serves. Consider buying something you love, even if you have to spend some time looking for it, or more than you thought you would.  Open up a space in your place and your heart to welcome in color and objects of desire. Using something as simple as a bunch of flowers spilling out of a vase, a pile of books.

Embrace whatever spells home and connection to you. Stop looking at objects in your home from how much they cost in dollars, or trying to force yourself to feel good about it because somebody else told you should.

What do you have in your home that makes you feel abundant and beautiful?  Bring more of that into your life.

What do you think about abundance and scarcity?  Do you think that your attitude towards your rooms affects the way you perceive how you live?

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About Jen

Jen Duchene Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Soul Reader, Speaker, Author. Facilitating Akashic Readings and Healing plus individual and business Astro-numerology, combining transformative wisdom with sacred soulfulness to guide clients back to their authentic self.


Do your Home Decor ideas deserve abundant thought? — 22 Comments

  1. I actually love my home and surroundings because I decorate myself. I love rich red tones and collect elephants and buddha busts. My office is a sanctuary of buddhas, plants, lots of windows and comfy office chairs with over-stuffed bright pillows. I am a bargain shopper and do not believe in scarcity! If I need a vase and money is tight, I hit Goodwill or a garage sale. If my environment is not inviting and comfortable, I can’t be productive, so I do not go without in my home – I just look for sales and bargains! Almost every new visitor in my home always comments on how inviting and well-appointed my house is – not pretentious but reflective of my lifestyle of casual elegance!

  2. Jen,
    I am often contemplating abundance and looking at the ways in which i can bring in more time for enjoying the things I love. I encourage my clients to make time for self-care and nourishing their body, mind and heart to create an abundant life.
    I like your invitation and inspiration to create greater abundance into my home through decorating. I have boxes of crystals and sacred objects in my closet and this post inspired me to get them out and make space for them!! Your work is a great compliment to my health coaching practice. 🙂
    chris arcucci
    Who says a woman can;t cultivate her superpowers in a dress?!

  3. I agree with so much of what you’ve said. I grew up with scarcity thinking and I still struggle with it. But I do look at our home and realized how beautiful it is. We have gorgeous Stickley dining room furniture and I love crystal which I have a lot of. My colors that soothe me and make me feel abundant are burgundies, purple, magenta and lavender. Some of those are in the rugs and many of those colors along with yellows, greens and oranges are in my paintings that hang on the walls. A lot of my larger paintings are at Healing ARts College right now and I miss a few of them! So I will take some of your suggestions and use them to remind myself of the abundance I have created and know that I can create what I need. Wonderful Blog!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!
    Reconnecting you to your essence, joy, vitality, youth.| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | AgeLoc Skin Care | Pharmanex Supplements

  4. I absolutely feel that attitude leads the way! It’s all about trusting your likes, your taste and style enough to be good with what makes you feel good… not what the latest trends say will make you feel good. Such a difference, and yet so many don’t dare to trust that. Love this article Jen!

  5. Jen – I love the white tulips – my favorite flower! I have been on each side of the scarcity/abundance thinking and abundance is best – no doubt about it! I love how you translate it into the home and I agree. Even when I was a college student on a budge of Costco peanut butter and wheat thins I always created a space I could call “home” 🙂 Brandy

  6. I love your posts. For 18 years, I moved almost every year. Nowhere has ever been home. We’ve been in our first house for almost 3 years this winter. It’s still not home. It’s a mismatched assortment of furniture from our college days, random stuff my mother-in-law picked up at yard and estate sales (granted, she lives in Redondo Beach/Hollywood Riviera/PV area, so her sales are better than many). It’s cluttered with a bunch of stuff that we either need to toss or find a better way to organize. It’s a clutter magnet. I walk into model homes and they feel so great. I want our house to feel that way, but when your hubby grew up in a mismatched home regardless of their financial abilities to have otherwise, it’s tough to get him to agree to do much other than what we’ve got until our finances change (hopefully soon). I wonder if I don’t create a “home” because I’ve always moved so much. Even now, I know that I don’t want to be here long-term (not more than another couple of years), so to spend the time, energy, and money to make it “perfect” seems like a waste. But, it would be nice to come “home.”

  7. Very interesting I have never thought of what made me feel abundant in my home. Maybe I can relate it to peace and stillness. I have a sacred spot that I meditate each morning that brings a feeling of the presence of spirit every time I sit there. I feel there is nothing like coming home from time away because I know its a sacred space for me and my family. For me scarcity does not exist ever since I stepped onto my Spiritual path. Maybe supply would be the opposite and that is something that I work on often in meditation. I would have to say that as I sit here writing this comment a feeling of abundant life the presence of spirit comes to me and fills my home. Who says you have to decorate with material things LOL. Thank you for sparking these thoughts in me.

  8. I’m looking around my family room right now and see that it is bursting with abundance – but not in a good way-lol; a little cluttered from daughter’s books, software cases, and dvd’s… But seriously, I have to admit that I let a scarcity attitude creep into my mind in the decorating realm. Part of the problem is that I’m changing – things I always did (like change out fun, seasonal decorations) are no longer of interest to me. It has been hard to let go of that and figure out the direction I really want to head, which is a blend of my old sensibilities and new (and somehow not losing my mind when my husband wants to put a gigantic poster of the Mile High Stadium on the wall.) The scarcity goes beyond the money though, doesn’t it? It can be an idea that having too much is vulgar or wrong in some way.

    BTW, vases and pitchers are a “thing” for me – I just love them and I’m coveting the ones in your picture.

  9. This post is timely because I am in the process of transforming my son’s old bedroom (he moved downstairs) into my new business office. We just painted the room last night. This week we will be putting an office desk in the room, so I can finally feel organized. I do need to think of curtains and some sort of a futon/sitting area too. Hmmmm…..

    I do enjoy decorating and look for bargains when I can find them. I think paint colors are so fun!

  10. My home could use some love right now. With three young kids, we seem to be currently taken over by toys in our home. But, I do have an office that is filled with my favorite books and pictures, but is a bit un-organized. I could use a new desk (I currently have a folding table for a desk). I could use some abundant thoughts in this arena.

  11. I love getting more inspiration from you Jen. There is so much I could do in our home… many things I would love to do to make it prettier, more abundant-looking. It’s time for me to transform my space inch by inch. Regardless of the time I may still be here and regardless of whether it belongs to us or not. Just decorating for abundance today. I have some pretty lilies in a vase in my sitting room. They help to counteract the loud noise from the building site . I have some new creative ideas that I will share with you soon. A home away from home..:-) x

    Fiona Stolze
    Loving and Living to Inspire

  12. We like nice things but we like recycling – hence our love of yard sales. We like the eclectic, special things. I’m not hugely into everything matching and twee. I haven’t been buying fresh flowers for a while though, think I may buy some today. I do look around and feel very abundant and love my home. Love my eclectic pieces. Off to get some flowers shortly!
    Louise Edington
    Breaking Through online Frontiers

  13. Thank you for the beautiful photo and beautiful inspiration about how to make your home feel like home. I have always felt so much joy when I can rearrange my living spaces, find something new to display or change and feel comfortable and at peace in my surroundings. What makes me happy in decorating has been slowly changing over the last several years, and it is becoming time for me to explore new ways of expressing that, but of course I need to include my husband’s wishes, too, and he and I don’t always agree…it’s funny that over the last couple of years he has taken much more of an interest in how the house looks whereas before he didn’t seem to care; so now I have to be careful about what I change and what I bring into our living environment. That is probably why I need my own Le Chic Cocoon! I do not have a feeling of scarcity though, I actually feel very blessed with the home we have and all the many comforts we enjoy. If I really do see something that I know will make me happy if I bring it into our home, I can usually figure out a way to do it if it is not so expensive it will make my husband question my sanity! or I can also just accept it is not feasible at that point in time, and cultivate the art of Waiting! Just wrote about that in my 30 minutes today, actually!

  14. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for provoking some good thoughts over here — I always enjoy your posts. My parents grew during in the Great Depression, so they conserved and saved all their lives. Growing up in the house they decorated, I still have a hard time recycling or discarding anything. My response is to decorate with just a few personal mementos from friends and family. It’s not the things themselves, but how I feel about them, that brings me comfort and ease.

  15. Your always inspiring me… do you do that…every time?! I love my home, as I have said before I worked at it after it being just a house for many, many years….now I am happy with it and would move and take it with me if I could! I do love color, not pale, it has to be something you notice! Love paitings, or framed artwork…I was just thinking the other day I might be the only person from back home that doesn’t have their walls covered in kids/family pictures…what does that say about me, lol?!?!? I love colorful wall hanging, pictures, curtains and decorations….its all about a mixture for me. My purple couch was my favorite….until kids (now its not so new and pretty). I’d say my family room right now is covered abundantly with lots of kids stuff, my stuff, wii stuff, etc. However, the curtains and the PeterMax artwork are colorful…and seen, lol! My office needs work, the chic cocoon, needs a make-over…and I bought a pillow for it the other day…..sometimes I start small while I pull it all together in my mind. It will get done:) Thanks for pushing us all to allow ourselves to feel abundance and create a space….that is ours!

    Rita Brennan Freay


  16. What an interesting thought. And I’m sure I’m creating the abundance of clutter I find in my room right now. Not the type of abundance I’d like to promote. I am using scarcity on a couple of large items in our home and therefore not really allowing for beatification of the room either. The are both functional and probably feel that way. Going to prompt myself in thre morning to look at it all diffeerntly and hope to continue this until I see a change in me.
    Thanks so much!
    Yvonne Elm Hall

  17. Jen

    I have always tried to create a space around me that felt like a home. I enjoy setting up new spaces, and am not afraid to add a coat of paint to the wall to make a change. My favorite object in my house if the large chandelier I hung in my bedroom 3-4 years ago. My room has high vaulted ceilings and when I bought the place 11 years ago I dreamed of a huge chandelier hanging in the center of the room. Well it took a few years to reach an abundant place to afford the chandelier and electrician it needed to make it happen. But boy was it worth the wait. The room feels like me, it feels special and brings a smile to my face.

  18. I recently did some redecorating in my home and what I know is that I love the way they look and how I feel in them. And also there is something lacking but I’m not quite sure what it is. There are definitely objects that make me smile or bring back wonderful memories or that I love. I agree that scarcity only brings more scarcity and abundance brings more abundance. That’s why my license plate is ABNDANT to remind me every day to live abundantly!

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

  19. Jen, I just want to slurp up this post like a frothy, big-cupped cappucino!! My goodness, how warming, expressive and supportive it is. I loved so many things you said, but most of all, “Money is energy. It is also the way we recognize wealth in another human being. ” You need to Tweet that Darlin–if you haven’t already! Oh, I just love that concept of recognizing WEALTH in another! And as far as my home, I am uber blessed to be surrounded and supported by such treasures that I have gathered from so many sources: pieces I have purchased out of pure love, inexpensive beauties I have purchased from thrift stores and downsizing sales, gifts from friends, and of course, from my friend, Craig. Every time I come home–whether from weeks away or merely hours, I feel blessed and grateful for my home, my space to be all that I am. Thank you, Jen for your message on this topic and your unique way of expressing it.

  20. I loved this post. You are so true about Abundance and scarcity. There was a time when I was able to buy everything I wanted and decorate in my style until I had to sell my home and ended up giving all my furnishings away and knick knacks and such away to charity after I could not longer afford to keep up my storage unit. Have just gotten back on my feet, I’ve started to re-decorate my room as I rent a room from my mother right now. I am bringing in as much color as I can. Bartered with a local artist for some small abstract paintings in frame that I have now hung on my wall. They are purple and blue and I love them. I have some buddha pictures from another artisian, some quilts that I have made. None of anything I have matches, but I don’t care, it’s more about the color and creating a peaceful and colorful dwelling.

  21. I couldn’t agree with you more. My surroundings instantly impact whether I’m feeling abundant or limited. I love my home because it is a true reflection of my life. When I find a treasure I love how it makes me smile when I walk through the room that is it’s new home.

    Devoted to finding all things delicious

  22. What a lovely photo you shared. I have always placed floral arrangements all about my home and when people are complimenting my home decor, some have commented that they can tell that I love and value myself. I love talking to others about how to make the profound shift from a paradigm of scarcity—in which we have “not enough” of the things we want and need—to a paradigm of abundance—in which we have more than enough of everything, at all times. I say stop waiting for the things we want to come to us and start SEEING and RECEIVING them instead, then make the shift.

    Rachel Lavern
    Personal Transformation, Enlightenment and Development Coach
    “Live without limits because nothing is impossible to you.”

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