House Beautiful opens Doors

Rain and fog dance circling the bright yellow cabs and rounds of umbrella outside.
Inside, melding worlds, reshaping alliances,  a feast like no other: Blogfest 2011 begins, with a bang. inspiring many to mourn the missing of such a moment, the moment of movement. Blogfest 2011, the brainchild of Beth Greene of Kravet, certainly has created a perfect storm.  So perfect in fact, that unknowingly I snap this quote on the day before Blogfest begins, at a MOMA exhibit.  Destiny is moving like the wind. Design Bloggers, a tide of rebels are storming the castle.

It begins in  the incredible Hearst Tower, a symbol of hope in glass and conscious living. A walled city. Where we are drawn up in elevators that house secret workings, buttonless.  Flying toward the 44th floor.  With ramparts and a line of hosts to welcome us in, including the divining rod of change Beth Greene,  the Kravet’s, Ann Feldstein & Jennifer Powell – part of the incredible team who made this all happen, social media interior designers fabric houses design inspiration and press converge.

@tkpleslie combines flowers & technology


I want to pinch myself.
A visual feast beckons. Pink peonies pop on each table, amidst the silver, grey, black & white backdrop.  Jeweled and colorful, the predominantly female crowd fills the space with song.  Words and pictures bind us, as we celebrate the promise and the opportunity. Of blurring lines, moving boundaries, crossing rivers.

History is becoming Herstory, nothing will every be quite the same again.  Not for me.  I am filled with such incredible knowing.  I can feel the bands of time stretching and melding, elements colliding, debris flying, all forces unmade and remade. Outside the rain pelts down, and inside we are feted, and we rejoice.
The energy in the room is so intense, a vibration runs through like a thread on a spool,weaving and capturing us all in its magic.

Softness and gleaming

After the feasting there is beating of drums.  The editors of House Beautiful, Veranda & Town & Country share background and some of their take on social media, including the quaint notion of bloggers typing in fluffy slippers.  Stereotyping is not dead.  I have to admit on cold days I can be found wearing slippers to blog in.  Does that make me a woolly blogger?  I dont know, but it does make me laugh.  I can laugh because I know that nothing can stop the future.

We round off the day back on Floor Forty Four, as we glide down the corridors, men in black bear trays of  flutes.  Surrounded by Traditionalists and Innovators, I am struck by the notion that we are flying toward one another, with charm, resistance and sometimes grace, on the very winds of Destiny that Adolfe Rette so eloquently connected with.

Color and content collide

What do you think about the melding of media, new and old, tradition and change?  How do you see all this playing out?  Or maybe you love how color changes moods and minds?  Whatever your opinion, I would love to hear it, in a comment below.

If all this energy of change has you wanting a home that celebrates who you are, call me Jennifer Duchene, 650-644-8592, I would be delighted to help you express yourself.

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House Beautiful opens Doors — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jen,

    what a beautiful quote to start your design blogger event! It is still so true and for my part, I am very grateful to experience the melding of old and new, technology and relationships, personal and informative. Never did we have all these possibilities and opportunities before. Only 100 years ago, no matter where you lived, there were many individuals who were not allowed to live their individuality. And today, you can be all and have it all. Dreams are no longer dreams, they become reality if you choose to.

    Amazed by the beauty of your words, like string beads, you have found your voice to describe social media and how it can be used to enjoy a wonderful life,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Franziska you are so inspiring and I am so lucky to know you. I agree the quote is pretty amazing.

  2. I just love the way you write, Jen, and the wonderful images and emotions that your words summon. I’m happy for you that you had such a marvelous experience there in New York and are back now to share all that you learned. As for the melding of new and old, I am still attempting to find my place in it all… a part of me is enjoying the new but still clinging to the old and somewhat resentful of how the new is changing it. I love tradition, but I also become energized by change (depending on what it is!). Colors definitely influence how I feel or maybe how I feel influences how I perceive the colors? At different times in my life I have been attracted to different colors that later do not have that same attraction…so that is one element that continues to change as, I guess, I change! Welcome back and thank you for sharing your experiences!

    • Donna I love all your kind words and am thrilled to know you in our time of mutual growth. Its true that color is a chameleon.

  3. Jen – your words definitely convey the feeling of opening day at Blogfest2011. And you are correct, stereotyping is not dead. Some railed against the apparent prejudices, but truth is it reflects more on those who hold them. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re a woolly blogger! 😉

  4. Cynthia what a true privilege to meet you IRL. You bring up an excellent point, about prejudice. And thanks for you kind comment on my unwooliness 🙂

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