How to collect Accessories

Collecting and displaying accessories is part of the design process.  It is also part of the life process.  We travel, we shop, we stop, we admire, we discover and we buy.

Knowing what you like, and having a list of where you need it,  can go a long way to avoiding the too much stuff syndrome. Whether it is in your Le Chic Cocoon or any room.

Connecting to your desires gives you the opportunity for variety, and to create history of the treasures you collect.


I woul love to hear what you collect and why.

Joie de Vivre (Joy in Life)


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How to collect Accessories — 2 Comments

  1. Can your objects be related eclectically??? Just because they feel good to me?

    Candace Davenport ~ Little Books with a Big Message

  2. I collect white ironstone (and some other white pottery) that has chips, crazing, and stains. I also collect old silver and old mirrors. I love history, texture, age… I love to rescue pieces from the hidden corners of thrift shops and junk stores. I just collect what makes me smile, what feels good when I run my hands over it, and what I feel in my heart. When my sisters come to visit, it’s fun to watch them look through my rooms. They always see something different each time but most often than not, it’s not a new item. I have just rearranged things or they have re-discovered something in a collection that they overlooked from their last visit. I enjoyed your video! 🙂

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