I Believe

A couple weeks ago I met Michelle Radomski in person after connecting with her on facebook for a while.. I was fascinated by her exquisite mini jeweled mandalas that are designed from a word or phrase.Michelles CardsPeople were choosing a word of the year and Michelle was creating a divine visual.

We decided to use Michelle’s beautiful business cards, the backs of which were graced with gorgeous colors and a word mandala made by Michelle’s own hands., and I would explore the number meanings of the phrases.

michelle R and me

Michelle & I

We each picked a card and the 2 phrases formed a cool sentence.

“I believe in Allowing Grace.”
What I discovered is pretty astonishing :

Starting with ‘I believe’
What beautiful energy in those two words. When you chant them as an incantation the vibration of possibility arises around you.

Looking deeper into the letters, adding up the corresponding numbers, equals 42 which when added up again makes 6 (4+2) number of human love, service and self care.
It also accentuates a major number of our 21st century year 2015 since. 1+5=6
That in and of it’s self speaks volumes. This year is about birthing our joy through love, being of service to self and others. We do need to believe in love to embrace it.

The phrase ‘I believe’ begins with an I which equals a 9. Number of compassion, release and endings. 9 is called the King of numbers because it contains all the numbers within itself, wise and sometimes overbalanced with too much ego.
Both 9 & 6 are emotional numbers, ruled by feelings. In fact they resemble reversed forms of one another.
Michelle Radomski i believeBelief flourishes when it begins with you and travels into everything you see
creating waves of wonder

The word Believe itself adds up to a 6, just like I believe. How wild is that?
It is actually 33 a Master number of double creativity.
3+3=6 also known as the Christ conscious number.
We have 33 vertebrae in our spine, which is what allows us to stand, bend and adjust to everything in life.
Either we carry the world on our shoulders bent over in pain, or align our spine to walk with ease in the world embracing our creative joyful self expression, in awe with life.

If you ever find yourself slipping down that slope of feeling injured because someone else is making you feel bad saying the ‘I believe mantra’ can ground you in a different reality.
Say it out loud until you feel it in your spine. I believe in who I am. I believe my value
I believe in allowing Grace. Use the Mandala to guide your breath.

Read all about the ‘Allowing Grace’ next week.

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