Fundamentals of the Illuminating Journey Cards

You are invited to

embark on a joyful, enlightening voyage, with the Illuminating Journey Cards©, an energetic innovative oracle, inspired by the Akashic Records



Ignite the Alchemy of your Inner Creator + Awaken the Power Within You!

Fundamentals of the Illuminating Journey Online Class

with Akashic Healer & Illuminating Journey Card creator Jen Duchene


Discover new depths to your visioning and manifesting skills.

Activate + Intensify your  inner knowing, wisdom and clarity.

Go beyond the old paradigm of what things mean to shape your own creative potential.



Fundamentals of the Illuminating Journey Class is a 7-week online immersion you can do in the comfort of your space, where I will –

– Teach you how to read the Illuminating Journey Cards for yourself and others with greater ease.

– Help you dissolve invisible resistance to your intuitive abilities.  

Break down the Illuminating Journey system so you can cultivate a more meaningful connection to your deck.

– Provide new layouts and techniques to experiment with.

– Maintain a nurturing container and practice to enhance your reading skills.

– Take you on a guided meditation into one or more Soul Portals.



You will –  

– Tune in your deck to your personal vibration.

– Improve your ability to interpret the signals and symbols of the cards.

– Discover how to read the messages within the images.

– Increase your ability to translate what you receive.

– Have the opportunity to Practice reading in class.  

– Learn how to Neutralize your over-active mind.

– Play with the cards in new ways.



We will –

– Dive deeper into the essence of the cards in an exclusive journey guided by the Akashic Records

– Investigate different ways to use the cards in daily life and situations.

– Share new insights together

– Enjoy hotspots and 1/1 feedback

– Journey + journal into beckoning realms and landscapes

– Discover interlocking aspects of the three kinds of cards and how they work  together.

In the final session -Ask the Record Keepers what you want to know about the Illuminating Journey cards. 



Illuminate your Journey. Come play in these multi-layered realms!



Deck required to play. Choose option 1 if you do not currently have an Illuminating Journey Cards deck

$366.00 includes cards

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$300 if you have the deck already*

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For a payment plan please email me at jen (at) jenduchene (dot) com to arrange.

*If you purchased your deck prior to May 2019 please contact me at jen (at) jenduchene (dot) com to get a special discount code for this class.

Class begins Thursday July 11th, 2019 through August 22nd for 7 consecutive weeks.  All classes will be on zoom and recorded.

See you on board!




I already have the Illuminating Journey Cards©. Do I need to pay full price?

No.  Simply choose the payment option without cards

I paid more than $66 for my cards. Do I get an additional discount for this class?

Yes. contact me here before the class starts.

How do I get my cards?

If you pay full price be sure to supply your mailing address. The cards will be posted out as soon as possible.

I live out of California or the USA. May I take this class?

Yes this is an online class. You can connect to Zoom and receive materials on Dropbox.

How often are the classes?

Once a week for 7 weeks on Thursdays starting July 11th through August 22nd.  All details and links will be provided after sign up. 

What happens during the classes?

We will meet for 90 minutes each week. Classes will include a mix of new material, practice, hot seat coaching, shares and Q&A.

Is there homework in this class?

You will be encouraged to practice during the week using what you learn so that you can get the most out of the class.

Is there a test to get the certificate?

Participation is required to receive your certificate, although you will not be required to pass a test.

I don’t want the class. May I just get a reading?

Yes go here to book your IJC reading.

I am not ready for a class. May I just buy the cards?

Yes, go here to purchase.

I already know how to read oracle cards and tarot cards will this class be useful?

Yes, since the IJC cards are very different from traditional oracle cards and tarot cards it would be very useful to learn the fundamentals of using the cards especially if you want to deepen your own intuitive reading skills.

Will the class be repeated?

The class will most likely be offered again in 6 months or so. If you are ready purchase this class now.  Otherwise, sign up for my newsletter to keep updated about forthcoming classes

Can I share this class with my friend?

The individual class fee only covers one person.  If you friend wants to take the class, please have them sign up for the class.  

I can’t make all the sessions shall I still take the class?

We advise you to show up to as many classes as possible. However the sessions will be recorded so you won’t miss anything and you will have a chance to submit questions.

I don’t have a computer. Shall I still take this class?

Classes are on zoom and recordings are posted in dropbox.

You can sign into Zoom and access Dropbox on most cell phones through their particular app.  Remember you are responsible for any cell phone costs you incur.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the class?

No refunds will be offered.  Be sure you are all in for this class before signing up.

As an Akashic Reader who comes from a long line of healers, I draw from my bottomless toolbox of intuitive intelligence, Akashic and numeric mastery, and the power of my signature Illuminating Journey Cards©. I provide Divine soul translations, serving as a clear channel to my clients as they release ‘emotional weight’ and activate fast-track healing which illuminates a new path forward.