Illuminating Journey Cards

Illuminating Journey Cards

This set of 52 exquisitely colored large layered cards (+ trainings) offer a portal into your own self-understanding.
One of a kind – not Tarot, nor Oracle, divination cards, for people to have, enjoy + use to illuminate their lives.

Unique portals into YOUR OWN truth, inner wisdom, and your particular journey, creating a new language.  

Bringing Magic into your hands.

Now the Illuminating Journey Cards are bursting to be birthed! Shipping in March 2018 (or when ready)

Everyone sees and experiences something different in the cards – which is their beauty and energetic purpose. What you’ll see is the insight you’re meant to receive. They are portals into YOUR OWN truth, your own inner wisdom, and your particular journey. I don’t even understand myself why people see what they see in them and how their lives are so deeply affected!  It’s quite magical.

The Illuminating Journey Cards are excited to bring home the magic!

Ready to find the homes where they will be loved and used over and over again, illuminating someone’s life.

The first 500 are in the process of being birthed and consist of :

  • 52 color cards on high-quality coated 16 pt. stock
  • Hard two-piece box
  • 52 page color, downloadable booklet to describe how to use the cards
  • Limited Edition Certificate
  • 3 x 1 hour live training class

As an Akashic Healer, Transformation Counselor, Author, Designer – and now, Creator of Illuminating Journey Cards, I’m reaching out to invite you on this journey with me.

You know, every one of us has magic within us – a resource to renew what has been forgotten. As you commit to doing what you know is necessary for your soul growth, you want answers and tools. The Illuminating Journey Cards will travel with you in your journey as your guides and givers.

As you use this tool, you’ll infuse your energy – your magic – into them, forming a relationship between you and the cards. So, their message speaks to your particular journey, in the way you need it to hear it.

It’s been a strange and wonderful experience working on bringing these ‘portals’ to life. I’ve been unsure what exactly is unfolding, as it’s become something bigger than me alone. I see myself as a steward of these cards. I know – and am told they’re very powerful, carrying wisdom to help people get more comfortable with who they are.

I believe in empowering people and I believe these cards empower. Even though I created these cards, when I look at them I see the magic, the energy in them, how powerful they are. They have wisdom and healing in them. They were ‘birthed’ through me and by me — and are beyond me and who I am.

Here’s the thing:

These cards are the bridge between the old world and the new world. We as a people are in interesting times. We have old ideas and beliefs, and we need tools like these cards to move us beyond what we have believed into a different present.

So a new future can unfold. We must dismantle the blocks of what has been created to shape a new, more awakened way of being, and together create a new communal experience we can all benefit from. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Don’t you feel it?

It’s a journey into the unknown, sharing what we discover with each other. This is my part of the journey and what I’m supposed to do. To be the steward of these cards. To bring these symbols together a certain way, all of my skills into one place. I realize that I’ve spent my whole life learning how to connect or find the place where all the aspects of who I am connect, and this is it.  Here they are, ready to be brought into the world – for you to use, love, and grow in your life!


As each card began to unfold, I saw the incredible reaction from the people who engaged with them. Saw that the power of these cards needed to be created to bring out their beauty of each image clearly, and to be a companion to journey with over and over again, bring out the magic, and presentation for them to become the companion to growth that they’re meant to be.

We are living in a time when we need guidance not gurus, because this time is about connecting spirit to body, and the Illuminating Journey Cards is one of the tools that will ease your way.

These cards are connected to the Akashic records, putting the magic back in your hands. Developing your intuitive abilities, to deeply connect with the mysteries of life, in a whole new way!

You get to discover things, see what you’re meant to see in each card in the combination of images and details in your own way.

Empowering yourself.

The deck consists of –

34 visual portals card

10 Numeric cards 0-9

7 Tool cards

A unique three type card combination, supports travel into other realms, if you so choose. Giving you the option to use the numeric and elemental cards in various ways.

The tools provide a clear direction to ease your path or shift gears – offering action you can take right now.

The numbers represent levels or cycles, marking your position in your life cycle or situation right now. That foresight can help guide your response, and awareness, so you can take advantage of where you are now.

As you deepen your connection to the cards, you deepen your journey.

Every time you engage with them, you’ll discover something new.

I’ve spent months researching printers and materials, and I am excited to take the next steps to make this happen!  Expected delivery date March 2018

The most important thing I’ve discovered in this process is the journey of the community! By inviting you to be part of this project, we are co-creating and elevating the power of these cards.

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“I’ve been trying to come up with words to express my gratitude for information I received through the Akashic reading with Jen Duchene. Being able to dive into my business situation to get more clarity on the direction to go and how I want to partner with it was so helpful. I felt so much lighter about the decisions and going forward.  I am forever changed from this experience and feel so much happier and lighter.   ~ Brenda R.,



 Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same