Illumination for March 2019

3 represents the triad of creation, and is always the March calendar number that brings in the equinox of spring/autumn. This year that 3 intensifies the 2019 universal year, also a 3(1+2)(2+0+1+9). There is a bolder desire for self expression, spiritual truth and dynamic exploration rippling out, expanding our willingness to learn by doing.

The cosmic energies, climate shifts and political landscape pull us towards revolutionary advancement, as our psychic senses blossom.

Social norms and rigid rules are in flux, so we can experience everything, even challenges, through the fabric of love, with a playful, lighthearted, and sacred willingness. As things collapse and collide, our discernment grows and our core values are exposed, stirring up an urgency within to renounce unnecessary restrictions.

Seek your own edge, allowing the boundaries of your freedom to take shape. Music, art and innovation beckon, imploding your sense of what is possible. While shocking and ugly could rise to the surface and dislodge what once seemed permanent, it will also make space to build a kinder and more integrated support system for all of us.

Spiritual alchemy is the moniker of March’s Universal number, which adds up to a 15(2+0+1+9+15)). Our inner healer comes forward to transform our relationship between our body and soul, our beliefs and attitudes. Now is the time to clean house and focus on how we can be of service in a more connected and grounded way. This purifying combination of compassion and clarity, allows us to release stuck energy and relinquish any vestiges of a martyr mindset.

In resetting the balance between service and servitude, our ability to receive more of what we desire (love, abundance, energy etc) grows.

6(1+5) is the root universal number of March, resembling a pregnant woman, nurturing the expectant life forming within Take this as a sign to tune in and slow down to listen. Treat your body as an intelligent being and nourish it joyfully as an equal partner in fathoming the mysteries of life.

Be ready to explore the limits in your intimate relationships, both sexual and platonic. Get curious about what you value in those you love, and honor these qualities. Adapt your work mindset to one more in line with a calling and less of a convenience. Focus on doing what you love with love, loving what you are doing and laugh at your weaknesses to heal the ‘should’ factor.

The importance of home, honesty and generosity are all qualities of the 6, which liberates us from hierarchical patterns based on fear and lack. Expect to take greater responsibility for your own actions and desires and be willing to hold those who cross the line accountable. Finances could be impacted individually and globally as we enter a new economy.

Seek the beauty in every moment to develop a greater trust in your intuition and the spiritual to harness the healing powers available to us now.

Chiron (cosmic medicine) is now in Aries, which is the fire driven first house of self realization, and new beginnings, till 2027, awakening our inner healer. As our unconscious patterns surface into our conscious mind, we have an opportunity to recognize and dissolve old programming, permanently changing our view about who we are.

Take time to rest, integrate and discover what is true for you. Delving into the creative can bring out more awareness and a greater connection to what matters to you. Numbers 3 and 6 center around love and self expression, so be sure to communicate your feelings and thus hasten the alchemic transformation of articulating your sense of self.

Speak your thoughts aloud in some form, even if it is in nature, or to the walls, giving life to what has been suppressed. Let music and art move you beyond what you have said into new discoveries. This is a dynamic month to break free of repetitive recycled stories of blame and shame. Shake it off by moving to the muse.

Some key highlights of March.

Mercury (mind messenger) turns retrograde on March 5th at 29 degrees and begins the retrograde season for 2019.

Inviting balance, bridging the spiritual and material world, demanding trust. You take a journey beneath deep waters to the hidden, that seeks the light of day and your compassion. The last degree of Pisces is the final degree of the zodiac too, which signifies a major ending as you let go of your old identity.

This purge activates a leap of faith in the house of delusion and imagination. Pay attention to your thoughts and self talk to ensure you are following what is true and not caught up in an illusion of how you want it to be. For example putting people on pedestals, fooling yourself about fame or denying the work that is involved in becoming more realized as you. See everything as it is, be willing to do what it takes and love it anyway. Be prepared for flashes of insight and unexpected shifts as Mercury goes direct on March 27th.

Uranus (innovation and surprise) moves into Taurus on the 6th of March, at 0 zero degrees, heralding a major in flow of divine essence in to this earthly house, just hours before the new moon, and shortly after Mercury retrogrades. An intense electric bolt will jolt the 2nd house of Taurus, ruled by Venus (values and self worth/ monetary systems) to shake us awake, as our planet meets the cosmos.

Sleeping giants will shift as Uranus, in Taurus till 2026, tears down old structures to rebuild foundations with pioneering audacity and focus.

An innovative, mystical yet practical period births, where the sacred forges the impossible.

Through it all, come back to what is true for you, even as each outer layer is revealed, tested and discarded or integrated. Remember you are in charge of your sense of self, so the better you know yourself, the clearer your connection, the easier the shift.

The way forward may be challenging, as resistance and persistence collide and contract, pushing us all further down this evolutionary path.

New moon in Pisces at 15 degrees on the 6th (tripling the 6 energy of the month) is the 6th of 7 new moons at 15 degrees rebalancing our planetary growth. This is an extraordinary catalyst to uncover our core essence on every level in every sentient being.

Stay curious and open to learning, knowing this is all a grand adventure.

What we have depended upon is being upended and rearranged, so expect to feel all the feels.

Pick your way through, choosing your path with eyes wide open.

Full moon in Libra at 0 degrees on the 21st (UTC) happens just under 3 hours after the spring equinox, which acknowledges the changing light of the season. The closest full spring moon to the equinox since March 20, 2000, and we won’t have another this close for 11 years.

This equinox full moon carries another dose of intense Uranian energies, that comes with a call of freedom. Things could get ugly, alerting us to the reality of what is needed now. A good time to speak from your heart, letting love guide the tone, knowing you can do this. Collaboration, honesty, compassion and balance ease the way as Libra (scale) also ruled by Venus, brings a sense of tranquility and hope in. The final 0 degree (last of 6 full moons in a row) expels a shower of love over us all.

Keep peeling back the layers to increase your sense of who you are to better serve your community and the world.

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