Illumination Products

Take a  journey with Illuminating Journey cards 

Illuminate your awareness, and desires beyond your conscious mind.    

Invite sacred exploration.

Travel into the Interior spaces of your Castle and beyond, into the seas of your soul dreaming.

More than an ordinary deck, each of the magical vision cards fill your senses and have all been imbued with sacred wisdom of the ages to guide you into personal discovery & visioning.  

In 2013 Jen was giving insight in the Akashic Records that she would design a card system  to give users a way to regather scattered soul treasure and truth.  In 2016 she began creating the designs, which were mysteriously stored in the universe, each one unfolding in its own time.  Now the cards prepare for their maiden voyage Igniting lights within Interior Castles, for those who seek within the ©Illuminating Journey Cards.  

An odyssey of  many layers, each card contains a Divine numeric resonance as well as portholes  to journey into.

Every one of us has magic within us.  A resource to renew what has been forgotten.  Explore your own set of the ©Illuminating Journey Cards, designed and created by Jen Duchene, to unlock mysteries of the high seas, deep earth & vast galaxies.

 Order your very own set of 50 cards, to journey forth on your own quest. and help get these cards out into the world.  Join the charter members in creating a new language of the oracle within.

Special First Edition Set of

Illuminating Journey Cards.

Only 500 first edition copies printed. Comes with:

Certificate of Authenticity

Special Gift

Downloadable PDF with a short explanation of each card plus instructions on initiating and using the cards

Activation from the Akashic Records to connect you to your cards.
Online class to initiate your journey into your cards.

Cards are available now to invest in click here to view and determine your level of contribution 




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More products and gifts for illumination and Soul Castle renovation coming soon!




“I’ve been trying to come up with words to express my gratitude for information I received through the Akashic reading with Jen Duchene. Being able to dive into my business situation to get more clarity on the direction to go and how I want to partner with it was so helpful. I felt so much lighter about the decisions and going forward.  I am forever changed from this experience and feel so much happier and lighter.   ~ Brenda R.,

 Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same