Inspired by life to be

Inspiring yourself to connect within. What takes you back to you?

Writing my book “Le Chic Cocoon” 7 Steps to Creating your Selfish Space has been a life changer in many ways. I began my quest to market my mojo. To open up myself to touch my heart. To transform.
Learning and growing has been truly sparkling.

Love the jewel of color and texture of nature

Walls have come tumbled, doors have opened. Wind has blown through cluttered spaces.

I am growing into my shiny self. I am honoring myself. Make time daily to practice connecting and revitalizing the spark within.

What makes me whole is what I carry. I am not a beast of burden, but a light bringer. I carry my own electricity. Isn’t the human body, soul and mind glorious?
When the reptile within can glory and celebrate with higher thought and divine purpose.

I wanted to share a little about what inspires me. What lifts my soul.  Sometimes when I feel sad, or mad or confused, I look to an object of beauty to reflect back the true essence of being alive.

Objects or visuals that get me up in the morning and keeps me glowing and grinning all day long.
Words and pictures. Textiles. Humor. The astounding breathless beauty of nature.  The promise of laughter.

The colors, texture and voice of Africa.

There is joy in us, and light and happiness..enough to sparkle the way around this planet. Dont lose that light. Turn the switch to on, by practicing self love.
Daily. If you honor yourself first, that domino effect happens to everyone around you.  Objects, visuals and you carry happiness to get and to give.

Beadwork, ceramics, cloth and creativity

Comment below and share what inspires you, what turns on your inner porch light.

The taste and look of food and engaging in conversation

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