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1.Do you have a real Diva Den? Share a little about where it is

I do consider my entire home as my temple as I thoroughly enjoy our home with my family. However, I could consider my home office as my “Diva Den”, I suppose.

I love my home office which is very functional and beautiful in all it’s details. I had built-in bookshelves made on two opposite walls (with my large table and chairs in the middle) and had the entire room including the book cases painted a high gloss pitch black while the ceiling is a warm white with a similar off-white cotton rug on the wood floors. And, even though the room is painted black it is perhaps the most colorful room in the house with all my design books, magazines, art and objets d’ art nestled in it. My desk is almost in the center of the room below a wonderful French plaster ceiling light fixture from the 40’s. On the third wall is a large window which overlooks the woods in the backyard and this time of the year it is beautiful as I can see the white pear tree flowers and the pink dogwood tree in full bloom.

In the fourth side of the room, I have a sitting area with a vintage modern sofa with beautiful pillows, a French oak side table from the 40’s and a Giacometti lamp on one side and an American mid-century floor lamp on the other side. And they all sit below a wall hung with a collection of art and a French convex mirror arranged and hung salon style. This is a great spot to grab a few books in the middle of the day, sink in to and get inspired and some times I take a short nap there. I spend much of my days here when I’m not out and about and love every moment in it. If those walls could talk they’ll tell you how many lively conversations I’ve had there either on the phone or in person and all the dreams I’ve seeded in there!

2. Favorite Diva Quote or song?

Not a quote person but I can tell you the type of music that’s soulful to me – Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald and contemporaries like Carla Bruni are all sublime.

3. What’s your Diva style?

When it comes to my personal space design I’m all about the mix. And this room is no exception. It’s modern and traditional at the same time with only the things I love from various countries, periods, styles, etc. It’s spacious enough for me to really spread out for work and shut off from the rest of the world if I have to. But it’s also very inviting because even though there are quite a bit of art and objects to inspire me it’s really the books that make the room so soulful. And while there’s a place to recline and really relax, I did want this space to be very stimulating.

4. how long did it take you to create your sacred space?

Once I had the plans for the room nailed down, I think it took about six weeks to pull the room together.

5.what is your favorite item in your room?

My Apple iMac. much time do you spend in your sacred space a day?

Anywhere between a few hours to 10 hours or so. I’m always in and out, one of the nice things when I work from home.

7.what color draws you, in your Diva Den?

Every color. Black, here, acts as a sharp neutral and a wonderful backdrop for everything else. I could bring any color in (in small doses) and it will work. But, it’s the many colors of the spines of the books that I love the most. has the sacred space changed / inspired you in your life

It’s the one place I really need and cherish not just because I work long hours there but because even though I might be deep into a project, buried in tons of papers, etc., knowing that everyone else in my family is just in the next room is very comforting to me. And, similarly, so many nights after every one is off to bed, I can sneak back downstairs to my office and continue if I’m inspired about something and don’t have to wait for the morning to get to an “office”.


9.What key elements rejuvenate your inner Diva/Divo definite MUSTS for your barebones diva den?

– After having lived with free-standing bookcases/cabinets for long, I completely appreciate tall built-ins. There is a solidity to them and the architectural heft they add to a room is, in this case, vital to me.

– Windows you can open during warm weather and let the breeze in.

Raji's home office

10.What is your dirty little secret (how do you indulge the inner you that you wouldn’t tell but are sharing with us -eg reading corny love stories or eating chocolates)? (we will keep your secret) (LOL) (take the shame out and share)

I’m a bit of a workaholic! For weeks (sometimes months) I’ll work straight through and get by with just a couple of hours of sleep a night but then, when I need a break, I do take off for a few days and either travel with my husband or just sleep through a lot and laze off a few days. And yes, I do love really good chocolate!

Where can we find you? (links and contacts)

Are you inspired to create a space that inspires you, after reading about Raji Retreat?

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Interior Designer Spiritual Retreat Raji Radhakrishnan — 2 Comments

  1. I loved the interview, and what a spectacular library. Loved the dark finish to set off the collection; a mix of art and books this is as refreshing as the beautiful Raji shares, “Windows you can open during warm weather and let the breeze in”
    Warmest regards to you both,

  2. Oh Raji, I do hope we get to meet in person at some point. LOVE your room, your design aesthetic and your contributions to our design world. Jen, YOU are the best. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know our peeps through your eyes.

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