Invitation to New York City

You are invited to a multiple day event in New York City

What would you say it this landed in your inbox one morning?

(Excuse me I need to do the Happy Dance)


New York City Moves

from the Brizo brand    I am falling in love with Brizo.  A fashion forward company.
“The essence of a Greek goddess who appeared in the dreams of mariners is reborn in the household fashion label Brizo” shopped from their website.

Greek Goddess?  I believe we are related.

Household Fashion ? Did I just land in heaven?   Brizo rocks.  They collaborate with Jason Wu connecting clothing to faucets.

They believe  that they are a fashion brand that designs faucets.   I believe that all design is intertwined, that household objects or the clothes we wear are all about lines, editing & details.

My goddess Coco Chanel says: Fashion is Architecture, tt’s all about proportions.

Trevi Lever from Brizo

Did you say sneak peaks?  Share feedback with the Brizo design team?  How did you know what curls my Goddess toes?

Good food, stimulating conversation, collaboration & cocktails.   There is a group of us.  I am excited to meet everyone. I have connected with a couple on twitter  @ErikaatBluLabel @EMIIntDesign @InteriorIcon@TheDecorGirl @gaubuchondesign  @nikimcneill   is our Twitter connection #BrizoFW if you want to follow along.

Invite Me to the party!!! Oh I think you just did.    Basics for great design. Function grows beautiful.


I discover that Brizo & Jason Wu see themselves as” two young fashion brands sharing the same aesthetics”.

I see that they bring the future closer,  by engaging function and form for the ordinary woman.

Why should we settle for okay when we can have outstanding?  Why should we wear clothes that make us look dumpy or use faucets every day that lack style?

Jason Wu Resort Wear 2012


 Plus we get to witness fashion designer Jason Wu  show off his Fall 2012 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.   Swag and Swoon!

 A private cocktail  with Jason Wu himself. Cocktail party?   How fast can I type yes?  Le Grande Finale!

I wonder what cocktails they will be serving? I better take notes.  Or bring in my recording watch. So I can speak, sip and shmooze.


Travel and accommodations for the event are courtesy of Brizo.  Happy, Happy dance!


Going to enjoy every glittery moment.

I am planning to tweet & blog & click my way through, hope you will join me.  I will do my best to spill a little so you can scratch and sniff .

Leave a comment below and share what you think about design, faucets, fashion or cocktails. I am all ears.

Sending you Joie de Vivre (Joy in life)


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    • Lol Rowena. My funny side shows up every three posts… she is in competition with my serious side. Thanks for safe travel wishes. xo

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