Is your Inner Beauty glowing?

I was in Los Angeles getting primped and primed for my big time.

Shoot Camp:  the photo and video 2 day brandemonium to build the Le Chic Speak Brand with Chief Woohoo Woman Lisa Steadman.

While I was on the set. I found an inner beauty I had overlooked. For all the women in the Tribe we felt that glide.


The journey  leading up to that moment started when I said yes to a radio show. Yes to getting seen and being visible and taking a risk that excited and terrified me.  At the back of my mind preparing for this moment, I knew that this was a doorway that would forever shift me.

Lisa had sent instructions that everyone had to wear a purple outfit as part of the brand brilliance she is famous for. Searching for that perfect dress, and the accessories to match gave me fuel to feed my imagination. Somehow dressing the part, makes it easier to grow into your bigger self.  Have you ever found that?

The kingdom of Knots.   Not being enough around –  money, talent, looks, focus – take your pick. Pesky, loyal companions on the road of life.  We can’t just drop what clings.

Like the old belief of not being beautiful enough. Failing to trust the inner beauty because there has been no evidence.  The handy phrases people say to make it all okay like ” makeup and clothes dont matter”, “looks are superficial”, “Beauty only counts on the inside”.

I think I secretly believed some of those statements before the Shootcamp.  even though I relished shopping for clothes and accessories, pulling outfits together.  Love being pampered and having my hair  and makeup done by a professional.    Getting dressed up always made me feel good.

This time it had me feeling beautiful from the inside out.

An inner glow stirred my soul, because this experience made room for me..  To just be me. I was in a safe place. Visible and supported.  That pampering, nurturing environment, full of love and laughter, made us all open to feeling our inner beauty.

photo op with Starla

Made beautiful on the outside,  being glamourous and visible in a good way, melts that wall of resistance.  Gives you confidence enough to relax into trusting that you are enough on the outside to reveal the inside.     So you can stop worrying about what a mess your hair is or how big your nose is and feel your own true beauty that runs deep beneath the skin to your cells and soul.


Stepping into an unshakeable connection when your feet touch ground so deeply you can summon mother nature through the concrete. Now that is feminine power!

I think the photos prove my  Le Chic shows – thanks to the help of an incredible team:  Lisa Steadman, Starla Fortunato,  Francesca Escoto-Zavala,  Philippa Rowlands, Kurumi Uchino, Ko Wills, Laurie Schwarz Hurley, Tara Kennedy-Kline & unnamed others for being who you are so I could step into allowing my inner beauty to glow.

I am not just the woman who walked into the door, I am so much more.

What do you think?  Can you let in love of you enough to open windows to your beauty?  Share your thoughts in a comment.

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Is your Inner Beauty glowing? — 4 Comments

  1. You captured this perfectly my lovely, beautiful friend, Jen! Such a weekend to remember and you loved absolutely smashing. The five of us bonded for life, I do believe. Miss you!

  2. What a great blog! I am going to share. Your experience is just what ALL entrepreneurs need to experience and understand. Outer beauty has the power to kick that inner beauty into HIGH gear!

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