Journey Cards birth!

The Cards are birthed.

4 years ago, an adventure began. When my Akashic Masters first told me I had to bring forgotten wisdom back into the world, I had no idea what that would look like, or how I was going to bring ‘wisdom’ that I didn’t know about into the hands, hearts and minds of waiting beings.

A great mystery yawned wide.   I was very earnest, trying to imagine what my great ‘work’ would look like.  Attempting to study up like a good student.   Finally I gave up trying to think my way into bringing these cards to life, and in 2016 I knew that there was a window of time, for me to get busy, conceive, gestate and birth.

And after 13 months of sinking into the world of visual portals, expanding my creativity, I am so excited to have a complete pack of ©Illuminating Journey Cards in my hands.

Ready to presell.   My little card children, humming and buzzing to spread their wings and fly.

As a creative person all my life, what really struck me, when I was given this mandate, was how many ideas I have had, and how few I have fully brought to life.

Of those, very few forms have had enough love, attention  and delight to glow brightly out in the world.    I did not trust that my work was worthy or that I was worthy to present my work.


These cards fill me with such joy.   They are ready to fly out into the world, and I don’t want to hold them back.  More than that, I intend to engage in helping them to spread their wings.

Its been easy for so many years to make excuses why my creative ideas were not successful.   Mostly because I was afraid to be seen.  As if being seen is a sin or something.

Marketing myself, earning more than just a ‘living wage’  things that have seemed taboo, out of reach, are suddenly much closer.  More possible.   Friendly.     Encouraging.

So I intend to do what I can every day, even if it is only one step deeper, leading these cards to find and liberate their new owners.

If you want to know more or buy a set go over here.

Tell me, if you will, about what ideas you have birthed that you are nurturing and giving a hand to?


Love & Crowns,


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