Joy and a conga line

Whenever I see my friend Rebecca joy bubbles up within me.  I want to go sit next to her and feel the lightness around her failing on me like soft rain.
Do you have a friend like that?  Who makes your heart lift in laughter?

“On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined”
Lord Byron quotes

I am reminded about the time she formed a conga line, leading the way, swaying her hips, pulling people into the moment.

Every time I think of her, I picture her leading a line of dancers, singing laughing, playing at life.  Embracing jubilance with a full heart and open arms.  Ready to delight and receive..

Makes me realize that joy is just like any other feeling, sorrow or fear.  We can hold it at arms length, or welcome it willingly, sinking into it..

Where are you in the receiving line?

Life is what it is.  People say we create our own world.  So when we open our arms and dance, joy flows in.  At least that is what I believe.     I have seen my life shift from a place where I lived in sorrow and doubt.   I felt isolated, lonely,  misunderstood.

Till I started opening up myself to joy.  To dancing in the conga line.  I realized that I could stand against the wall forever, waiting to be invited to the party, or I could jump in.  Be a happy fool.  Sway to the beat, sing along out of tune, hum to what is good in life.

Movement is a terrific way to shift heavy the cells of sorrow.   Why not put it down and carry a bag of joy for a while?    Picture yourself actually putting down your heavy load and lifting a jug filled with light.  Pour the light all over you. Quaff a cup of laughter and feel a belly laugh float up to meet your funny bone.  Call a friend who makes you giggle, or head out for a walk.

What do you think?  Are our moods up to us?  Have you ever started of a day feeling really bad and ended of laughing?  Share your solutions for getting unfunked.  What gets you dancing in a conga line?



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Joy and a conga line — 5 Comments

  1. I love it. I think sometimes we are just down and we need to honor that feeling but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt at some point and maybe with a great deal of effort at other times, you make the choice to stay there. To try or not. Baby steps go a long way. They add up over time. We absolutely get everything we desire and focus on in life. I am learning. Owning that power and using it in a positive way. Well, that’s another post. xo, Irma

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