Lesson in Retreat

Weekend luxury begins with unpacking expectations. I left mine at home.

Woohoo Women gathering from around the globe in an aerie high in the Hollywood Hills sounds like a dream come true. Which it is.  I headed to Los Angeles knowing this weekend would change me.   A mega mogul making retreat.   Before you can be the change, the unraveling starts spinning out all the old to reel in the new.

Woohoo Women

Woohoo Women

Retreat wisdom #1 : Expect change, but don’t expect to know what it looks like before it happens.

The flight out is the fastest and smoothest I have ever had.  No waiting in the hall or on the runway.

Retreat wisdom # 2 : Time is waiting for you to get on board

First stop is a transformative healing massage.  Breathing through the pain of shifting stuck energy is a reminder that the only way to get through is to go through it.  Breath by breath.

Lizzie tells me I am going to go through major changes.   Feels like the wind is lifting, stretching and preparing me to shoot into the outer confines of my life.   I am both exhilarated and apprehensive.   After the treatment I feel incredibly soft and alive.

Retreat wisdom #3 Pain makes itself felt with your cooperation or without.

The taxi rides me back to my L.A. past and present.   I ask the driver to stop on Beverly and La Brea.  So I can stroll some stores and spark my design antenna.   I have coffee at Rag et cie.   And feel out the goods.   Design shifts are in motion.  Beyond euro country and industrial borders.  Symbolism paganism and cubism.

Retreat wisdom #4. A new world order needs a renaissance mindset

As I travel betwixt two worlds I can feel that edge of reason, the knife blade of change.  Poised to tumble us into new territory.  The waiting limo,  it ie pulling me along.  Arriving as the limo is about to leave.   No waiting for me.

Retreat wisdom #5.   Change needs an allowance

We tread the tarmac on a whisper of wheels, drinking water out of champagne flutes, snaking up the curves to the double doors of a big house against the cliff. Our host Lisa Steadman is waiting at the door.  Lions resting on either side, and a spiral staircase sweeps us ever upwards.

Retreat wisdom #6  Luxury begins when you open the door.

The Retreat is in motion.   Can you move toward retreat?   Or does it feel more like a backward dance?   Luxury starts with allowing your wants and needs to have a voice.

Opening you arms to what feels good to you.  Gone are the days of doing or having things because society has named them on the most wanted list.

What is on your Luxe List?   Mine includes nature, good food, a bath with a view, girlfriends, private time, retreats and thick absorbent cotton towels. Would love to hear yours.

Joie de vivre,


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Lesson in Retreat — 3 Comments

  1. Love your insights. It's true, we almost left you. We finished early and the car came. Tara and Philippa went ahead and didn't wait for the car. As all divine timing works out, we didn't leave you after all. And if we had, we could have strolled longer in the limo drinking more water from champagne glasses. I wouldn't have minded. Grateful to connect with you this weekend. One of my treasured weekend moments was our late night chat.

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