Life by Design starts with a Whisper

The glamor of achievement. My design project about Design and women. “Le Chic Cocoon”.  It definitely has a glow, to know that I had a dream and made it real.  It did take a village and some kicking and screaming by moi, but I arrived in joy, a new woman.

Writing a book is an interesting process.  I dreamed of doing it since I was a young girl penning the great romance novel (that never was done) and finally this year, that dream became a reality.  I discovered that the hardest part of writing was committing to the process.   Making it happen takes work, even when I wasn’t in the mood.   It was a rush to the finish line to get all the detail done, and thanks to the help I had, I did actually complete the book and market it online & in person. 

The exciting journey from design concept  in January to the actual publication took 9 months. I birthed a different kind of baby.   From first words to completed manuscript took four. 

A totally eye opening and thrilling adventure.  The culmination a fabulous event put on by my publisher.   Not only did I get to hang out with the glam and fabulous, and celebrate with friends, I won a prize for Winners of Excellence in Book Marketing.  Quite a feat, for someone who could barely whisper what she did a few short years ago. Happy to share that writing this book “Le Chic Cocoon” has opened up my life in so many ways.  I really am a new woman. Bold enough to say yes to a dream, and confident enough to spend time dreaming in my own sanctuary. 


I have a tribe, a message and meaning in my life.  If you have a dream, remember it all starts with a whisper.


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