Living Room Makeover for a good cause

This year I was involved in a Charity Makeover Project, which is yet to be completed. I am driven by the idea the changing colors moving furniture changes lives.

How can one be hopeful, when one lives in depressing surroundings?  Our surroundings support us or they crush us.

As part of a project I spearheaded,  myself and some fellow Redesigners undertook to transform the living room and dining area of Debbie and her family.

I met Debbie through the Charity Project, and by sheer coincidence, she won a makeover that we offered as a fundraiser.

Debbie is ready for her Home Makeover

Is there coincidences in life?    I dont know, but there certainly are dots that connect.

We arrived on the morning of to see the space and begin the transformation.  Debbie was very excited about the change, and was a willing participant.

After I had explained how we work, and she had  shown me all the rooms and what we could use or change, she left us to get started.

Four Redesigners at Work

Four Redesigners Ready to dig in

First we undress the room and then we start moving furniture around, to optimize placement . Not an easy task in a room that is fairly small, with two sofas that are  slightly too big

After the couches are finally placed, it is time to hang the art.     Do you know how many designers it takes to hang a tapestry?   I can tell you its a lot easier with 4 of us in the room. I actually get an opportunity

to click of some shots of women at work.

We decide to move the Tapestry over the fireplace to give more weight.

After the art is placed, we pull in the tables, and then the accessories, hunting in the other rooms for treasures.

This is how the living room looked when we arrived

Once we were done this is how the living room looked

I do like to add some little touches to bring color into the room from the garden, like the single rose in the pretty vase above the fire box and some petals below

some soft color detail

What did the Debbie and her husband say when they walked in?  They could not stop talking about the change and all the items they reconnected with.  Debbie said she told her husband she was not going to act like

the people on HGTV and before she knew it she was saying “I cant believe you thought of that!”  A video and more pictures to follow soon.

If you want to empower yourself with a home that celebrates who you are, call me Jennifer Duchene  650.644.8590

or share your comments below, I would love to hear what you think about the makeover.

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Living Room Makeover for a good cause — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, you did a great job. Your touches are masterful. The after shots are gorgeous. Congratulations, and thanks for being such do gooders. That’s awesome, especially at this time of year.

    Betty Kaufman

  2. Great make over! Did the television get orders to leave the room? It appeared to be the original focal point. (a pet peeve of mine)

    – Kelly

    • To funny Kelly – I think every tv should get marching orders! We actually put it in a less prominent place, the corner opposite so it is not the first thing you see, on entering. Which is a pet peeve of mine! LOL

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