May 2015 Numbers

Every month arrives chock full of numbered intelligence.
Giving us clues into how to manage and manifest the best outcome.

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May is the 5th month of the year, traditionally in the northern hemisphere, a time to nurture the planted seeds for season. Or allow the ground to relax. in the southern hemisphere.

5 is the number of change.  As seedlings sprout putting down roots, life changes to meet the growth. There are things to tend to, which call on our flexibility, adventurous spirit and intelligence of mind.  Giving us the courage and confidence to take risks. Try new things.

This year May is a 13 month.  (5+2+0+1+5)
Thirteen is that much aligned number.  Called the number of rebirth.
Perfect number to follow the powerful eclipses of April.    Easter/Passover are festivals that illustrate the cycles of life, change, death and renewal.  Which is where we are, newly hatched and a little tender.  Incredibly intense feelings are working their way through us, integrating this renaissance (french for rebirth) into standing in our own source of truth. Naked and happily exploring.

13 is the number of Power and Transformation. That classic Rise of the Phoenix from the ashes.  Whatever is no longer burned down, creating a nest to be newly hatched into wholeness. The alchemy of change fires up virgin growth.  Virgin in the original meaning is a woman not belonging to a man, rather a woman who was “one-in-herself.”  Not a chattel or a belonging, instead independent and self empowered)

1 is the number of new beginnings in action, 3 is the number of creative self expression, birthing of new meaningful discoveries through play.
1 plus 3 equals 4.  Number that grounds ideas into matter.  Makes material,  orderly plan.
4 is a key player in the manifesting triad of 2, 4 & 8.  The organizational arm of success.

Since we are in an 8 universal year (2+0+1+5)  the 8 & 4 are both triggered in May.

4 & 8 are a karmic couple, creating Destined events and experiences.

The Divine Feminine, Sacred symbol of true empowerment is represented in the 13. The quote, supposedly uttered by the Dalai Lama “western women will save the world” he was referring to the power of the 13.  Women embodying their Sacred Stance, leading the charge to freedom, by being fully self empowered.
Self Empowered – meaning running 100% on energy from within. Every. Single. Person. Now that would be an example worth emulating and spreading around the world.
We don’t save the world by telling people what to do. We do it by showing them how it is done. This is where the number 13 is helping us to revolutionize our world from within.

There are two magnificent moons in May. Each one mirror the other and triggering more 8’s and 4’s. The codes are delicious and bountiful.
May 4th (late 3rd in US) Full moon in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto planet of Power and transition which matches the 13. Sun in Taurus, both at 13 degrees. Forming a powerful connection to Jupiter, planet of plenty in Leo (which rules the sun) also at 13 degrees.  Incredible three 13’s in a 13 month on a 4 day. A whopping quadruple 4. Plus the universal date by numbers is a 17. Which is an 8 (1+7) Number of immortality, leaving a legacy and representing the Star of Venus. (Feminine energy, beauty and abundance)

4 & 8  Discipline & Determination activating Destiny for all of us.    In this year of conscious creation taking small steps to reach a measurable goal is required,  for that you need a plan.  Actively creating structure and systems to make money, get paid to work your passion.   Jupiter provides opportunities, 8 gives you courage, 4 wants you to tend to the details. Now. This month. A highly fortunate time to lay down the foundations, map out the strategy of what you want, design the inner sanctum you desire, so that it can bear fruit and flowers.

The new Moon falls on May 18th in most of the world (17 is the US).  Moon & Sun in Taurus at 26 degrees.  That is an 8 (2+6) universal date is 22  (1+8+5+2+0+1+5)  master number of architecture and 2+2=4.  The new moon inverses the full moon numbers of May.   Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th later in the day.  Giving you plenty of time to plan without rushing into action.

13 month. 31 days. Number of rebirth and genius.  Now is the time to put your mind, creativity and brilliance into laying the groundwork for how you will stimulate your abundant flow.   Your money meter is going to be off the charts this month, if you follow the guidance, and consciously engage in building the life you want.  13 has no interest in excuses.  It follows the order of nature.  What is seeded, watered and cared for grows.  What is neglected dies.

What are your feelings about the Month of May and the number 13?




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