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For most people pleasers there is a lot of fear around standing up for themselves, and my life’s walk and work has been about learning to speak in my own voice. To be bold, not just in designing rooms and sanctuaries but in every aspect of how I live. As a designer I make decisions, slicing through clutter and objection with ease.  As a woman who has been, inducted into the hall of disappearing at an early age, there are many doors to open to find the leader within.  The gift of the invisible woman is the ability to become anyone at a moment’s notice. She is like water, falling all over what is, and forgetting to forge a river towards what she wants.

Photo time at St Jude

Photo time at St Jude

My visit to Memphis in July as a guest of  Brizo® to the Blogger19 Reunion underlined qualities of leadership I must embrace if I am to live a life I love.  Absorbing the way Brizo® took charge has me willing to surrender to the beauty of fusing all the parts of me.

Brizo® welcomed us like honored guests.  Treating us as though our presence was a gift. Every detail considered.  Travel plans arranged. Meals, snacks, transport, hotel, all taken care of. A perfect backdrop to the unfolding magic.   Delicious entertainment to delight us, including dinner & jazz in a former speakeasy.  Time to mingle and connect with the faces behind Brizo®. and catch up with new and old friends. Joyful engagement mixed in with learning. Surprises too like a split of champagne and cookie delivered to every door with a thank you card.  Great leadership blends attention to detail with generosity of spirit.  All items on my list.

Flowers at the Speakeasy Jazz and Dinner

Flowers at the Speakeasy Jazz and Dinner

As the event unfolded I was struck repeatedly by the expansive vision, warmth, passion and class the Brizo® Team brought to the Blogger19 Experience.  This has me rethinking how to bring way more love, and gratitude into my daily work practice. Every client, every opportunity should be honored and welcomed.

The first full day was one of tears and delight.  Our tour of St Jude Childrens Research hospital which included Target house. An activity with the patients, exposure to how St Jude operates, revealed more of the character of Brizo. Major sponsors of the St Jude Dream Home, Brizo has found a way to give in perfect alignment with who they are.  Charitable grace is a key leadership quality and Brizo has this in spades. They pick causes that align with their mission and vision and give without worrying about what they will get out of it. It is all in the giving.  I am examining how I can give more of my skills, and heart in collaboration and community.  Abundance is like water.  You have to open the taps to let it flow. Not just with others.  With yourself too.

Three lovelies of the Brizo Team

Three lovelies of the Brizo Team

The factory visit and production demonstration showed yet another aspect of the Brizo leadership mentality.  A comprehensive picture of what goes on behind the scenes was revealed. Innovative, respectful, thoughtful, inclusive.  Every effort is made to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Communication is encouraged. Faucets are assembled by hand, allowing for a greater choice in styles and colors for the consumer.  This is much more of a liquid approach, couture conscious, Brizo is a class act..  There is pride and passion that Brizo brings to her people and products.   A leader needs to listen closely, eliminate errors and show her inner style on the outside.  Confidence is born with trust.

The glow of Brizo

The glow of Brizo

My parting realization is that Brizo, who fashions faucets that tame water stylishly, treat their extensive team as family.  Even us blogger19’s are part of the fold. My recovered people pleaser heart is fired up, designing an exuberant walk on water. What about you?  What can you welcome in to bring out your inner leader? Where can you shine your light you have been hiding? When you give with generous intention what do you think happens?

If your inner people pleaser is having a hard time setting inner and outer boundaries I would love to connect and discuss if I can help you.

Love Jen.

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Memphis Cues — 17 Comments

  1. I love how you take an event and use it as a way to improve yourself. That’s a skill. Shining my light I’ve been hiding … hmmm, I think I would have to learn that I can’t please people all the time (I’m a people pleaser too). Speaking my truth requires courage. Hopefully as my courage grows, I will inspire more people to speak their truths!

    • Thanks Rebecca, I think every experience is ultimately about ourselves. Yes just speaking out increases your courage and light. I know you will inspire others to follow your path of truth. Already you are shifting to shine and be seen.

  2. “She is like water, falling all over what is, and forgetting to forge a river towards what she wants.”…WOW…this hit home with me. As a wife and a mom I sometimes lose sight of what it is that I want.

    Your post is beautifully written, thank you for such insight!

  3. I love you references to how “people pleasers” can recover. When I first started reading I had no clue that the company that sponsored this trip was a FAUCET company! Talk about setting the bar high for building relationships in the workplace.

  4. Jen this is such an enchanting post! I love your twist on our time in Memphis. As you well know, if you give you get. 🙂

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