Moving toward change

I am sitting in a patch of sun, looking at tree tops and enjoying the charm of my new apartment. An unexpected opportunity to move has rewarded me, although I admit that the thought of moving overwhelmed me.  I had dreamed of moving but not made it happen because I told myself I couldn’t afford it.

old apartment table top

My old place was a 2 year temporary measure that I had a hard time letting go of.  Even a place that drags one down can feel comforting in the blur of fear.  It wasn’t all bad but it wasn’t as good as it gets either.

My life lesson is to deny my desire and I am part of the “Mz Not Enough” faculty.  So even though I know the importance of having a Chic Cocoon, am creating spaces for other women and teaching them how to do it, I still felt the pull of not being worth having more.
I decided that all the irritations I had ignored in the apartment, like the peeling bathroom had to be fixed.  So i could finally settle in and make it work.

New Kitchen is a genuine fifties general electric all in one unit

New Kitchen is a genuine fifties general electric all in one unit

Naturally the unexpected happened. My landlady told me I complain too much (this was the first time I had said a word so I guess speaking up was too much) and I should leave by the end of the month.  I was gobsmacked.

I knew what she was demanding was illegal, that 2 months notice in writing was mandatory. However I focused on getting her to climb off her high horse and let her know that the end of the month was two weeks away so I was not committing to leave by that date.

My empty new living room

My empty new living room

I was in shock that my safe life was on a teeter totter. What would I do?  It was a Monday and fortunately my brother was in town visiting, I was grateful to have him along for the apartment hunting.  The first place we saw looked perfect from the outside.  And my first response was I can’t afford that, let’s not waste time looking at it.

How wrong was I?  My brother is a man of action.  He was already dialing.  And I fell in love with what I saw.  High ceilings, generous rooms, wood floors, a view of trees, sunny and bright.  The kitchen is a General Electric fifties model (adorable but a challenge to cook in) and the bathroom is charming.  I wanted to pinch myself but still I hesitated to fill in the application, in fear mode. At my sibling’s urging I do it.  He reminds me that the first place is always the best.   By Thursday the apartment was mine if I wanted it.  A gift from the universe if I had the courage to step on the bridge.  And I did.

My new bedroom

My new bedroom

The next 10 days was an exhausting whirlwind of packing up, hiring movers, cleaning and clearing to get to done, before rushing off to house sit for a friend which had been planned months previously. I think my ex landlady was surprisingly shocked when I gave my notice.

 A month later I am sitting in my new space, grateful for the events that shifted not just my abode, but my soul. It feels like a a boulder has lifted off my chest.  I no longer have to dread going home, or feel any shame about where I live.  I am so excited to share my unfolding nesting with you.

Still life for a client

Still life for a client

Have you ever experienced a serendipitous move or moment where everything fell into place in spite of your not believing you were worthy?   What happened? I would love to celebrate with you so leave a comment below.

If you feel drawn to create your own Sanctuary of Chic and don’t know where to start, check out my services page or contact me directly  You don’t have to change your address to change how you treat yourself.

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Moving toward change — 14 Comments

    • Dear Courtney, what a beautiful comment -thank you. Lovely to see you here and yes I believe you are right about the new place.

    • Dear Louise Thanks and I totally agree – I feel like I just got my groove back. I can open my home and my design yearnings to the world. A miraculous feeling that I have not enjoyed in a long time.

    • Thanks so much Kellie. Sounds like you experienced a beautiful moment, thanks for sharing. It is time for me to get real and I appreciate your encouraging words.

  1. Just thinking about being told to leave my abode would throw me so far off balance, I don’t know if I’d find the focus and energy to make the transition you did. Happily, one of your gifts is bringing beauty and authentic self to one’s environment, so creating your new space fit right in with your whole being. So glad you have the peace and comfort of a place that is right (plus getting away from the energy of that landlady!)

    • Dear Judy, Yes it was quite a shock I can tell you, but the universe had plans to get me to shift and I was ready. Thanks yes, I happily do have that gift and I am luxuriating in your expression of it. Amazing freedom I am enjoying far from a landlady who was always around prying.

  2. There have been times that it seems like my life has been on that teeter totter. In that place right now, as our home is on the Market. Not sure where we will go yet, but have a vision in mind. Have learned to stay open what the changes can bring. Your new place looks wonderful and thanks for sharing!!

    • Lisa I totally hear you. Good luck with finding a buyer and the right next step. I admire your willingness to be open, I too have learned that lesson. Thanks I am loving the new place and it is a pleasure to share it 🙂

  3. It’s funny how sometimes things just work out the way they should, almost as if God, the Universe, or what ever you believe in is trying to tell you it’s OK and you are worth it!

  4. Your new place looks fabulous and I love the post. I actually love moving house, just moving in general.. most people would find that weird, I must be some kind of nomad at heart. We bought a fantastic house a few years ago, but even though we got a great deal, it was always a stretch for our income and it has taken me a while to get over the thinking that we had bitten off more than we could chew. But things are getting easier now and I’m so grateful for the place we found, which will hopefully be the family home for many years to come.

    • Michelle thank you. Yes moving can be fun and good luck with your new shift. It sounds like you know how to take the best with you. Which is wonderful.

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