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Main Entry: 2 tag Function: verb Inflected Form(s): tagged; tag·ging Date: 15th century transitive verb1: to provide or mark with or as if with a tag: as a: to supply with an identifying marker or price b: to provide with a name or epithet : label, brand

I don’t know much about mr bill, so I thought I would give you a glimpse of the Webster definition above.

a song and dance about my favorite things : (hey its all about MOI- which reminds me of Mz Piggy – she was a surefire MOI gal, and it got her all she wanted)

My favorite singer: numerous in fact I love music of all kinds, but here is a sprinkling that comes to mind: Janis Joplin, Joan Armatrading, Billie Halliday, Howling Wolf, Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Waits, Tom Chapin, Placido Domingo, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Ladysmith Black Mambaza – here is link to listen (these are my homeboys – this music is in my blood)Sorry I don’t know how to upload video)

My favorite instramentalist: love love Harpsichord music JS Bach is my favorite composer. Jim Hendrix and his incredible guitar playing and I adore hot steamy Latin Jazz, Sophia town Jive music, gypsy music and of course classic guitar. Bolera by Ravel. Louis Armstrong, Count Basie & the Duke.

My favorite opera is Turandot and Puccini is my absolute favorite operatic composer. La Boheme is superb, as is all his work. Mozart moves me. but Puccini reduces me to tears.

Favorite art – adore the imaginative Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his magnificent fruit face paintings, Magritte,


Magritte with his fool the eye photo real art, Raphael, Picasso, Rodin, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Rouseau and of course Cezanne.


and Annie Liebowitz fabulous images

Famous person I admire and why ? well I admire many but for this exercise I am choosing Martha Stewart,she put accomplished house wives on the map – recognizing that putting things together well takes skill and dedication. When she was learning to cook she went through the cook book till she knew ever recipe perfectly – now that’s determination and grit.

She made money out of a “woman’s” work, and lifted all of us home fixers to a new level of recognition. I think she is a fantastic example to females the world over, and she reminds me of my mum, who did such amazing things with her home, flowers food and entertaining- I have such incredible memories. Thanks Mom for being the Martha in my life, and showing me that appearances do matter.

Favorite AR blogger. that’s tough – I admire and enjoy so many bloggers, with their sharing caring wit and wisdom. Elaine Manse – who always makes me laugh, Melissa Marro who makes me think bottom line, Irene Woodsworth who inspires me to focus on a winning formula, Julea Joseph, Pam Faulkener, Dan Woodworth, and so many more, each of you bloggers out there captures me, and draws me into to your web of solutions and revelations, pointers to building a better biz, and a better id. Poignant stirring, REAL – a virtual world of delight and knowledge…..

Period in history I would live in: the Renaissance period . why? the incredible conversations and art and creativity that blossomed. – I could have been a servant catching the pearls of Leonardo, seen him working on his inventions, heard the arguments to fool the patrons, Michaelangelo planning and painting the Sistine Chapel, Studied art history music. strolled streets and discussed new ideas. I might have been an apprentice painting close to Raphael. Heard arguments for and against the world is flat theory. Seen the mad ministrations of the powerful and besotted. Donned masks & luxurious clothing and mingled in disguise at the fabulous masked bals and reinvented myself. What an incredible time that must have been.

my favorite SWEET: chocolate – Rainiers (thats for all your royal blood) check out these fab tasty treats – I am a total choc o freak – slabs


pieces chocolates chocolates

try these


Heed the cry – the TAG MAN cometh to town.

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