New Friends, True Friends

What would life look like without friends?  The very word FRIENDSHIP contains kindness, joyful encounters worth treasuring.  Strong, long and deep. Short and sweet. whatever the flavor, every friendship counts. And when you get to make new friends true friends, its truly a jewel to value.

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One day I realized that true friends don’t look or act a particular way. I don’t like them because I ‘should,’ but because I simply do. It’s a matter of the heart that can happen in an instant or develop over a period of time. Discovering new friends is like exploring the world. When we do it with a mind and heart open to possibilities and love, connection and magic are bound to happen.”  Kayce Stevens Hughlett

While not every moment is a unicorn moment, with those we love and linger with, we do grow with our friends and through them.  What would travel or meals be like, without our darling peeps to share it all with?

F vibrates to the energy of the number six, as does words that begin with an F like friends, fun and family.  The number of ourf named calendar year 15 (1+5) is 6. So this year, we are being called to make new friends, and cherish the ones we have. To Focus on the joy of connection by using those meaningful moments to open our hearts. The letter F faces forward, almost like a body eagerly bounding towards the moment. Full. Flowing. Fabulous. Free.

6 is a number of Love and Abundance, passionately engaged, listening to your heart and living from that warmth, which includes savoring the tasty morsels of friendship.   On a journey for more girlfriend time and in my case combining business with pleasure, because it is all pleasure.

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The six is compassionate and nurturing. Friendship doesn’t need sacrifice or suffering, just love and acceptance. A friend lets you go on about the niggling stuff that annoys you, till its time to set you straight. They hold you upright when your soul tears apart. Friends don’t make you pull yourself together, they let you flow back into you, when the time is right.  Stronger, wiser, more certain. Therein lies the beauty of friendship.  Nothing is too much or too little. It is all perfect.

Last weekend was a new friend extravaganza.   I took a jubilant ride on a 3 day trip to an event we are all part of, with two funny, fabulous women I scarcely knew.  This journey richly rewarded our willingness to explore, not just what was out the window, but the exquisite tapestry that wove us together across the miles.

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Bright beautiful Sunshine Sue, a self-empowerment humorist, all round ray of light and irreverent story teller, who dubs her journey from ‘fry girl’ to ‘rocket scientist’ at NASA, and the glorious, gorgeous Kayce, artist of living, practicing her passions for writing, speaking, lifestyle coaching and taking groups for soul strolls in Paris.

Yes there were three.  Kayce, Sunshine and Me.  Maybe we weren’t in Paris but we were determined to enjoy the ride to and from Shell Beach.  Starting with the first night where we landed up waiting for other early arrivers at the wrong restaurant, and decided to stay anyway.

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We laughed till we cried, spilled secrets and truths as friendship knit us together, 3 women going south to an event of around 30.  Before this trip I knew Sunshine Sue a little and Kayce even less. Kayce and I had never had a live conversation or met in person.  What a tribute to friendship and the energy of 6.  3 and 6 are both part of the emotional triad, that invoke feelings.   We all showed up and unrolled the red carpet to trust and spontaneity.

That connection deepened in memorable moments, walking by the ocean, donning hats that belonged to Doris, (Sunshine Sue’s grandmother) recorded by the obligatory and hilarious selfie, to savoring the flavors of wine in Edna Valley and our whims as we drove back north. Indulging in what my fabulous new friend Kayce calls ‘soul strolling’ with a sense of contentment and happiness.

Gleefully we stopped at the Madonna Inn to grin into curly carvings and gasp at the restrooms, (the mens room has a waterfall and yes we did go in) more laughter and selfies ensued. Moving on to San Luis Obispo we stopped to breathe in hand made soap scents like chocolate and wine, and each bought something that spoke of her personality.

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Then we discovered a good spot to eat along the river and lingered over a tasty meal, talking, laughing as the sun went down and the moon rose over the mission.    On the way out we stopped for ice cream cones, all the while enjoying the beauty and blessing of new friends, true friends.

Even as we rose early the next morning to drive the last miles before parting, and stood in that a threesome hug, there was that unspoken knowing that at any moment in the future, we could pile in for another road trip and make magic all over again.

What is your best friendship memory?  Do you have a story about friends or what the number 6 means to you?  One thing I realized on this trip is the Sunshine Sue, Kayce and I loved sharing our stories.  They connected us closely and quickly.

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