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Tweets float up my stream  – and this one caught my attention:

It’s almost time for another awesome Brizo event at #FashionWeek. Follow the conversation with #BrizoFW.

Fedex delivers a Brizo box

So excited to have this amazing opportunity.  I have tried on every outfit in my wardrobe,  spread out piles of the shiny stuff, and left a trail of shoes.  Business Casual in New York City? Can you take Silicon Valley out of this girl?
Something I never imagined, when I bit the twitter bullet has happened.
I have made it to Broadway.  Well close.

I will be at a swish hotel, hobnobbing with design brights and the fabulous Brizo team.

Watching Jason Wu’s collection floating down a long aisle.
Its been a long journey from polite woman standing at the someday stop to jumping on the bus.

I am so glad I decided to swim with the bird.
FOTs (Friends on Twitter) have given me a seat at a new table.

This week I fly into New York city to link hearts, imagination and voice in fostering creativity among the newest blogger 19, courtesy of Brizo.
I get the 19.  There is power in numbers.

Brizo I bow to your big heart  & dynamic leadership.  Style is not just line of design, it is a life line.

I will be bouncing into Graceland (thank you Paul Simon) in the company of giants.  (alphabetical order).

For a lark I decided to run a thread through a current post of the 19.  So it turns out theme is layering, lemons and fire. Found a Jason Wu outfit that tells the story of the Polite woman’s unravelling. From wardrobe to plate.

Wu woos us into wonder

What makes a design, a drink or defining moment?  History, Adversity & Distilling the passion.

Red carpet rolls for…….

Amy Beth Coop Dragoo Life Stylist. Delicious NYC life-style posts that include Food, Flowers, Design Verve & Passion.  From lemons to flaming passions.


Anne Maxwell Foster, Designer. NYC  Curators of Chic, oh yes. Wallpaper obsessed half of duo.  Did you say life lemons?  No zing in our drinks without.

Carrie Leskowitz Decorator, Philadelphia. PA
Passions, travel and curiosity junkie. Embracing beauty & Bargello.   The flame fits right in!


Chris Laumer-Giddons High Performance Architect. Talking heating, science behind drafts and staying warm, using humor!  I am all for cutting the drafts in life.  Or getting closer to the flames.


Cynthia Mason, Interior designer, CT and beyond. Passionate and independent.  Focusing on how the client wants to live, mixing untethered rule breaking design magic!


Elizabeth Joy, Interior decorator, retailer NYC/ CT. Tracking sand into life & design, leaving a trail of happiness, pale blues and violet fan and cool flames.  Lol yes, what the hell to wear to fashion week?


History & layers

Erica Islas  Architectural Interior designer. Creativity and exposure does fan the flames to fabulous design.  Classic and edgy of yes.  The danger & excitement of doing it new.

Erika Ward  Decorator. Atlanta Georgia. No life is complete without humor and design. And when you want to bring Retreat into a room, clutter must be tossed into the flames.  Let go to live in less.

Gretchen Aubuchon Fashion and decor, pairing fashion and decor makes total sense  I too change looks, and love layering, and combining mix.  Designing for life needs personal twists, lit by fire.


Jill Seidner LA Interior Designer. Hunting and gathering, collecting. Pulling a room together from life. Flaming the fire of desire.

Lisa Ferguson Decor Mentor  & Designer, Toronto, Canada.  Sharing why Designers should hit Highpoint.  Collaboration and connection.  Feeding flames begins with starting the fire.


Lisa Smith Interior Designer,  Ohio. We all seem to enjoy layering design as life. Of course Ferrari’s do combine everything a real room needs. Fire, sleek sexiness, comfort & luxury.
Michelle Workman Interior Decorator, Los Angeles California

The shape of things to come begins with letting go of rules.  Illuminating the bell curve.


Nicole Zeigler Kitchen & bathroom interior design, Salt lake City

Sunburst mirrors continue the theme of lemon & flame. Love synchronicity.  Passionate about all things design.

Nicole Zeigler

Niki McNeil Designer. Designer.  Equal parts old school country girl & plugged in millenial.  Talking about what distilling style is all about


Ronique Gibson  Design & Social Media Jacksonville, Florida. Lover of all things related to design & beautifying the home.  The pet bed with style, yes lets turn lemons into lemonade.  Flame the pet bed uglies.


Shane D Inman interior Designer, Traverse City, MI / Chicago IL.  Classic & classy. Reminding us that style must be sought, bought and wrought.  Distil the dream.


and last but definitely not least

Shay Geyer, Interior Designer  Texas  sharing thoughts to live, including breaking away from the all matching mystery.  Drinking the lemonade of life, in a space that speaks of style.


You made it to the end.  Faucets are part of style, something you use on a daily basis.  Are you surprised to think about fashion, faucets & New York City in one adventure?  Post a comment below and share your opinion.    Stay tuned more Polite Woman Rediscoveries….it all begins with burning up the old that no longer serves.

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