New York City Fun, Fashion and Faucetology

Just back from an amazing trip to New York City, courtesy of Brizo. Where the au courant blogger 19 mingled among metal finishes & curves. Juggled faucetology, trends and the making of a suite, diving both into fact and opinion. Nibbling amuse bouche, quaffing wine & water. Swapping banter with high fashionistas, well at least one big star Jason Wu.  For a moment it was first class…dazzling & delicious.

The Blogger 19 gang with Mr Jason Wu. Cocktails on the roof.  Photo courtesy of the talented Jayme Thornton.

Brizo invited us to come with an open mind.  My mind was wide.

I took more than my mind when I left.
My intention was to enjoy the experience, connect with people I had met on twitter and to be open to what Brizo was sharing.

The joy of sharing over a glass of wine and pasta making

I left with a profound respect for the behind the scenes team effort that fashions a faucet.    If you must have plumbing bits that show, make them functional & fabulous, so every touch brings pleasure. Stylish deliberation before the remodel, will ensure that the pleasure in the faucet lingers long after the new smell has left the room.

Brizo game changers

If you are struggling with the how of creating a stylish bathroom or kitchen that look good many mornings after, invest in faucet jewels, & a savvy designer.

Buying style is so worth it.

Brizo Beauty

Many layers go into creating lasting faucet art.

Market research. Brizo takes their faucets on the road. They have hundreds of real people testing out products.
Attention to detail & need. The smart technology faucets that operate by touch or proximity.

A light that shows water temperature.

Shower heads that use technology to disperse finer drops. So even though the water usage is way less, it feels like you are using way more.

Technology employed for the right reasons. Brizo-illiant.
Reaching out to their clients.  Brizo takes showroom & retail reps to their plant every year to engage share and ask for opinions.

Brizo engages with designers & bloggers.  What do our clients look for? What do they need?
No detail is left to chance.

Showers have pretty heads behind the waterfall. Who knew?

Most telling of all is the relationship the staff have with each other, and their pr firm.

Respectful, open, and interested. I felt connected and comfortable.

Brizo  partnered with Jason Wu 6 years ago because they understood and honored a key element of their brand ” a fashion forward company”  and going to a live fashion show for moi after learning about faucets?  Priceless.

Photographer bank across from the Red door at Jason Wu's Fall show

Brizo partners  with care.  St Jude is an organization they are giving back to with heart, hand and helping to raise millions. They are putting their products to work for the cause.  Now that is faucetology!

Each one of the blogger 19 had a chance to engage with key members of the Brizo team. That definitely makes this bloggers heart glow.  What do you think?  Do you like the idea of buying quality & style from a company that puts research and passion into what they make?   I know I do.  Cant wait to get my newly gifted faucet in the mail…

Joie de Vivre,


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    • Hi Jen, I love your video tip! You have some great ideas on how to build relationships with cuosrmets. I’m looking forward to using the Client Angel to help me connect with my cuosrmets and build my business at the same time.Cindy

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