November is a Powerful Portal Month

Can you believe that 2016 has but 2 months left?

I am in shock yet loving the shifts.

We are still in a 9 year (2+0+1+6)  which is all about stripping bare of the surplus.


Many of us, myself included find it easier to hide behind the shoulds.  Shields of Honor that have littered the battlefields forever.

This 9 year is breaking up the old guard, the honor system of yore.

We don’t have time to waffle in what might have been.  We need to get into the meat of what is, to activate what we want to birth.   A new way of being and seeing.

That is where the true power lies.   Not in the idea that someone is either robbing us of what is ours, or gifting us with their largesse.

It all begins within.  The flame, or candle of the Soul.  Each flame rests with its owner.   You.

You have your own light and reason why.

With this powerful symbolic 11 bringing us into November we are being invited to see the strength in what we are standing for.

What lights us up.

How to begin the journey to soul fullness.  Letting go of how it is ‘supposed’ to be and who is in charge.

Conditioning.  That is a fact of cellular life.  Nature imposes and humans supposes….

We think we know what it all means.  Without lighting the flame. Or listening to the rain.

The veils are thinner than they have been for a long time.  We have the option to leap through the veils.

Yes its bloody hard.  It hurts like hell.  Uncomfortable.  Daunting and yet.

Will that stop your fierceness to be free?

the 11 is doubled this month because the universe has its own calendar.  When you add 1+1 + 9 you get 11.

11 is the visual of standing on your own feet.  Receiving in the space you are standing in,

It is electric and wild.    It can drench your being with the electric light you carry in your genes.  In your vessel of this earth.

Think about the energy you are imbued with, open up to receiving the signals and lightning rods to awake up those signals, you are on fire.  with purpose and truth.

Ready to bring to differences together.  Willing to take action on what grounds  you and connects you to all that is available.

When you do things because you are compelled beyond what is in this for me, you project yourself through the portal of change.

Shifting into your truth that lies beyond the veils.  1+1 =2.   Number of opposites – the great divide or a bridge to walk on.   Connection happens when you want what your opponent wants.  A shared outcome.  You each dont have exactly the same picture nor do you need to, to agree on diplomacy and cooperation.  Without being a doormat or a bully.

You can pretend you can’t see beyond the veil.  Or that the world owes you something because of what you have experienced.  Or that  you have no value so that the world cant count on you.

We are in this together.  You and me.  All of us.  Our ancestors and our children’s children are counting on us to make that leap, through the dark into the light.

Even when we cant see beyond the mud.   When we can barely get the flame lit, when we are drenched in rain up to our eyeballs.  When the people we are facing won’t see reason or another way.

Even then.  We must stand up for love.  We must be shields of love and project love.

We are here to learn how to beam love even in the darkest corners.  without expectation.  without ego.

Just because you and me, we are the candles who illuminate the possibility.   When you are a candle you must light up the space you are in.

It is your light that will lead the way, for the one behind you.    It is your trust that will allow you to create more light.  It is your soul that will guide you, even in the dark.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men (& women) are afraid of the light.”
— Plato

How do you plan to lose your fear of the light ?


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