Number lessons :- Becoming number one

From the time of Eve and Adam a woman has been portrayed as a whiny temptress, who traps and destroys the fabric of society, through her desires. Ergo, no woman should have desires so all of humanity is “safe”, which then activate fear and denial.  What shifts this story into one with a happy ending?

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Embracing the power of one.

Taught to shut your pie hole and stop being so selfish,  denied the right to be passionate in case you tempt, how do you embrace being number one in your life?

In the past I was trapped into placating the world so I wouldn’t make waves. I hid my desires so deep, I wasn’t aware I had any. Even down to what I wanted to eat. Now I am on the road to Paradise, allowing my own senses to lead me astray (in a good way).  I have found the deepest joy in being able to follow my heart, and sink my teeth into my life.  I used to think I needed to behave, so some man would find me suitable.  Now I don’t care about being suitable, I want to own all of me.  Live fully and love who I am.

Come first in my own life.

With relationships that are mutually respectful.  I believe it enables me to have better connection with the people in my life because I don’t expect anyone to save me.  If I was in the Garden of Eden, and wanted to eat the apple, I wouldn’t worry about what Adam wanted.  I would take a bite and walk off, apple in hand.  My life, my choice.   Adam’s life his choice.

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What would you do?   Do you think your life is lighter when you listen deepest to your own voice?

Now that I have found my voice I get to do things for myself I would never have done in the old days. I give myself treats that fill my soul.  If I want to be treated well I need to honor my own needs. So last weekend I attended a juicy qigong retreat with my mentor Vicki held at the glorious Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma.   We gathered to learn the beautiful Lotus form, which illustrates in movement the journey through the muck the lotus seed must endure to blossom.  Which means we have to walk through struggle, face the inevitable battle to birth our own beauty and individuality.  Last weekend felt like a purification of power, shifting further into my oneness.

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Why the big hoopla to be number one ?   Our safety depends on our willingness to stand up for ourselves.  To know who we are and what we stand for. Otherwise we can easily be swayed by someone else’s story, and be destroyed by it.

That is the power of the number one.   Standing our ground.  Every idea, change or revolution begins with one person who is willing to stand for something.  Birthing that seed of self.

Numbers are an energetic language that reveal clues about our world on a universal and human level. From binary to energetic 1’s and 0’s hold the secret to life in the positive and negative/ light and dark/ masculine and feminine. The zero, a circle of life contains everything and nothing. Number one heralds new beginnings, that straight line of original thought. Bringing out the self reliant leader, ruled by no other master.  Like the Mast of a ship, strong, tall, essential, number one. Carrying the sails and the crow’s nest to move and see all, backbone of the journey, mastering destiny.

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What inspires you to be you?   No matter what?  Who are you?

As a kid, I was inspired by my dad quoting “I am the Master of my Fate, the Captain of my Soul” from Invictus a poem by William Ernst Henry.  My dad strove to instill within us kids a sense of self ownership. It took many storms but finally I claimed my own ship.  It doesn’t mean there is never rough winds, but as long as I trust who I am, I have the courage to push through the pain.

What is your number one power?

If you are over worried about what other people think, you may never stand tall enough to steer that ship.  It is said that Eve was made from Adam’s rib. But the back story is Lilith.  A woman made from the clay of the earth. Strong, and equal to Adam. She wanted to be on top. I guess both Adam and Lilith wanted to master each other, instead of themselves. Maybe that is why they left the garden of Eden.  Not because they were banished, but because they didn’t understand the rule of one.   We don’t come to earth to turn others into slaves or enslave ourselves.  We come as equals, not the same, different, yet still equivalent, with no soul greater than another.

My dad grew up very poor, an immigrant son, in charge of shaping his own life. The family provided the basics, the rest was up to him.

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His journey was like the growth of the Lotus, pushing through muck to birth his dream, bringing to blossom the incredible glory of each individualized Lotus petal.   Everyone of us, contains within us the desire to birth our individuality and bring forth our beauty.   However we must find our own sense of self, our super one power.

What my dad taught me, through his determined effort, was to hold onto the fire and roots needed to own my fate.  Never give up the dream, no matter what.

What do you believe about being number one?

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Yes the fear of standing your ground can churn up shadow behavior, like the mud the roots of the lotus live in.  There can be indecisiveness, repressed feelings, boredom, and possibly defensiveness.  Hiding our need to be who we are, in the shadows can create a convoluted mess that damages everything we touch.  There is no shame in struggle.

Being number one is a challenge and a victory.   The moment the lotus bud burst through the stem into the light above water is a mastery of visibility and willingness to stand in her power.

How will your Lotus bloom?

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  1. Another insightful and inspiring post. In this selfie age, it is easy to think the power of one means more selfie, instead, your explanation offers the power of one as a authentic position of contribution from interdependence. Thank you Jen for your words of wisdom.

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