Number Lessons – The Connection of Two

Choice is key in number two, governing relationships and acceptance. 2 acts as a bridge between these two ideas, since all acceptance is not equal, sometimes it is necessary to go with the flow but we still have a choice in how we show up. Many of us believe we have no choice yet we get to choose what we accept. Do you accept your potential or the circumstance that appears cannot change? One word, two meanings.

Two Chairs

When my marriage was on it’s last legs, I knew I didn’t have the heart to fix what had failed. Nor the courage to walk out the door.  Until I reached a point of no return, convenient lies could no longer influence my choice.  A terrifying time for me, since I was barely able to sleep for fear of the future, while simultaneously experiencing profound relief that there was no going back.

How many times have you swallowed the belief that you were trapped in a situation?  Life has struggles, challenges and disappointments, and we can choose the outlook and even the destination if we are willing.

It is not the journey that defines us, it is our attitude.

Do you believe your life is happening to you or are making it happen? Looking back I see moments of magic, lost. because I hid what I wanted from my partner, pretending all was well, manipulating instead of expressing. Nowadays I am willing to feel what comes up, get clear, and ask for what I need. I do much better when I ground, get curious, and take action.  Our connections with ourselves and others is continually evolving.  I still have doubts and procrastinate. But I want what is on the other side more. Real relationships, with less sulking and suffering in silence, on the sidelines.  I don’t want to be a wallflower at my own ball.

you are only seeing half the picture

Partnership is forged by two ones or a group of ones, all being individual, connected by a common cause, at the same time.  Our own heart and heads are often at war with one another, or even with people that don’t agree with us. Connection doesn’t require agreement about everything, but we must be willing to communicate openly and accept who the other person is.  Stand in who we are and still meet in the middle.

Deciphering the truth between dark and light / right and wrong /masculine and feminine, without offending anyone is an impossible task. And not required.

We will get hurt sometimes, and at other times we may hurt others, hopefully unintentionally. What matters is that we can talk about it, without having to sacrifice ourselves to be “safe” or loved more.  You love you, that is your relationship with yourself.  All the other partnerships and collaborations in your life are gravy. They still need work, because relationships are what help you grow.

the art of conversation

Many of us have suffered through power grabs betrayal and manipulative actions of others.  If we pretend, there is no honesty or respect and we don’t have a relationship, we have a war.  Surrendering to being vulnerable, capable of setting boundaries that create a deep sense of safety and security are hallmarks of the number two. Make no mistake, the two is a powerful and essential number in life.

Consciously or unconsciously we are constantly called to decide. Sometimes doing what makes no sense, until something compels us to act ‘out of the box’. Free will at work. Othertimes our world turns upside down through ‘an act of God’ and we are shifted into a new game. Once again feeling free or trapped in circumstance. All of these experiences draw on the ying and yang of partnership. The delicate, supple strength of 2, which sits facing the one, ready to be of service.  Or, to be in servitude.  Our attitude to our relationships is what steers this choice.

Whether we want to stand in our own power or give it away. Speak about our truth or be washed away in the tide of someone else’s.  Every moment as a being on earth we are called to decide about who we are in a relationship. What we value and are willing to transform to reach that place.  Because two is a number of manifestation, through committing to making a partnership work, we grow and create the beauty we seek in peace, harmony and love.

numbers 1

Willing to work on the details that make us want to run away, push through the struggle and use the masculine and feminine elements within the structure of the two to find a balance..   A generous loving heart and the mettle to be a negotiator, a diplomat, not a doormat.  Bringing ideas, people and possibility together, in spite of fear, power struggles, and hidden agendas. Choosing to surrender to your truth, brings the ability to connect and collaborate to a far deeper level than anything that can happen through coercion or discontent.   Bring all of yourself into this moment.  Asking for what you want does not mean you will get all you ask for, but it will allow you to celebrate being heard.  And is that not what we all strive for as we build relationships?

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