NYDC Scavenger Hunt / Blogfest2011

One of the many highlights of Kravet’s Blogfest 2011 was a visit to NYDC.  It is a designer’s wet dream to wander the halls of a design center, to be inspired by the most delicious furniture lighting fabrics…. Even though I was pretty near tired, the warm welcome we received spurted a burst of energy ..and the dash was on.
check out my NYDC Scavenger board I created

I was intrigued that NYDC had incorporated a Scavenger Hunt!  (I am a fool for clue finding)

Sadly I was too tired to read the fine print after a morning that included breakfast with Margaret Russell of Architectural Digest and a tour of the Kravet Studios where we were enthralled by a glimpse behind the scenes. (Much material to blog on) so I had to be a little inventive on my return from the big lights of NYC.

My hunt was, it appears, all about my obsession with lights.  Who knew that I am a light Luster?  Nothing like standing all glow. Or perhaps because a Big Ass Light (BAL) is an essential ingredient of any self respecting Diva Den.  I am all about the space we women live in and am madly writing a soon to be released book about the how and why of said women’s space. (day dreaming and hunting are the perfect counterfoil.)

New York Design Center, Bloggers Elevator Ride

So, on my return to sanity & dry land the Scavenger Hunt was on, wading through a gazillion photos and reading the fine print, I share my finds.  And NYDC? I am willing to scavenge in your playground anytime.

Clue 1: Empire state building look alike

I found some intriguing art whose curves instantly brought the playful marvel to mind – after all every Diva Den needs artspiration. Atelier Suite 202. Artist Benjamin Boyd.

NYDC Clue 1 Empire State Building NYC Atelier Suite 202

Clue 2: Central Park take along

A chaise, a Diva Den can be anywhere and what Central Park needs is a bevy of these to relax in, with a Cocktail waiter wearing rollers and carrying a tray of fresh lemonade, with a side of Tequila. Century Furniture Suite 200.

Clue 2:  Central Park          Century Furniture Suite 200        DOUBLE CHAISE

Clue 3: Times Square Reflection

A Star of  light  to bind us to the promise of sparkle, reflection & desire and no Diva den can be complete without a little bright for the star of the room. Profile Suite 1211

Clue 3: This is the spitting image of Times Square, Profile Suite 1211

Clue 4: Line of custom lamps, Petal Pink benefits Susan Korman for the Cure,

I adore the customizable options and the charming Eilen Kathryn Boyd as she waxes lyrical, and yellow is the color of my pair of lamps ARTERIORS HOME Suite 510

Clue 4: Eileen Kathryn Boyd Lamp for Mottega at Arterior Suite 510

Clue 5: Access to Design:

My favorite component of the revolutionary Access Program? I have to say a Diva does love the Royal treatment that comes with snappy graphics and a BIG HEART. People who love designing peeps are what makes NYDC Access so enticing, I only wish I had battery left to record smiles. altho it was pretty crowded in there, with party bags & food, by the time I arrived..it obviously is a place that makes things happen.

Clue 5: NYDC Access How do I love thee Access Design Suite 424

Clue 6: Something that Represents Blogfest Experience.

The item I chose reflects the well of knowledge and welcome that I dipped my toe into.  The joy that this experience exploded with is a sunburst mirror. Many facets, a myriad of opportunities and possibilities.  Every Diva needs to know that all dreams are just a reflection away. Profile Suite 1211

Clue 6: Blogfest 2011 bursts with joy & potential. Profile Suite 1211

Clue 7: Modern Colors collection favorite at Kravet.

For a fabric lover, picking one is like picking desert from a tray. I want them all, but decided on a geometric, that I can cozy up to on my diva Divan.Kravet Suite 401/2

Clue 7: Favored fabric in the Modern Colors at Kravet Suite 401/2 (photo courtesy of Kravet)

Clue 8: The New York Design center Glamour Item  circa 1926

Entranced with the polish and cut of the roaring twenties,  I stopped myself from picking a light. Instead I chose a curiosity.  The glamor of  the Deco Days celebrates uniqueness, something no Diva Den should be without. Century Designer Showroom Suite 200.

Clue 8:The Glamour of the Twenties unfolds in highlighted with rarerities Century Designer Showroom Suite 200

Clue 9:  Brooklyn Bridge look alike

A table base that cuts out shapes, the missing is as important as what is present. Transformations & Diva Spaces begin with a bridge. We have looped back in style to bring back art and glamour. Dennis Miller Associates Suite 1210

Clue 9: This table base evokes the magic of the Brooklyn Bridge Dennis Miller Associates Suite 1210.

Clue 10: Bird of plumage

Peacock seems all the rage suddenly, something about the shape of those eyes. A rug to dream on, every woman needs softness underfoot to throw aside those high heels after the party. Global Views Suite 613.

Clue 10: Peacock shapes that remind me of Turkish design, illicit mystery of feather & veils. Global Views Suite 613.

Clue 11: Shot of Sweet Endings A-list guest.

Every Diva Den needs guests that make one smile with sheer delight.  Thom Filicia is engaging enough to grace my den anytime. (he loved my necklace – I am won over) 1st Dibs 10th Floor.

Clue 11: Tom Filicia the A list guest chats to Andie Day 1st Dibs 10th Floor.

Clue 12: Strike a pose.

LOL the way to a Diva’s heart. Ask her to strike a pose,  a conversation or a room to breathe in, and she is all yours.

Clue 12: Jennifer Duchene (myself) hanging out to dry on the BlogFest 2011 wall.

All in all a delightful adventure…thank you NYDC for your warm welcome, and for this adventure!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! Too funny that we had some of the same items in our scavenger hunt. I wish we would have had more time to connect but what an amazing few days! Great post and good luck!

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