Akashic Records Lab Online

Akashic Records Lab Intensive Online Class

3 Saturdays: May 30, June 6 & 13

9am-12pm pst
10am- 1pm mst
12 pm-3 pm est
4pm-7pm gmt
A hands-on comprehensive lab for Alchemists ie., Lightworkers, Energy healers, Intuitives, Coaches and Mystics

No previous experience required, just a willingness to go within and trust.

Access the high vibration and your soul records within the etheric container of the Akashic Records  
Lab Highlights
  • Hands on practice throughout the classes
  • Learn to access the Akashic Records for yourself
  • Guidance + feedback from instructors on your personal Akashic readings   
  • Learn to access Akashic energy for information, insight, healing + inspiration. 
  • Workbook and reference material included   
  • All sessions are live on zoom and recorded  
  • Certificate of Completion
The weekend lab intensive includes:
  • Learn to open and access your Akashic Records 
  • Receive greater clarity and insight in daily and work life
  • Develop confidence that the information you receive in the records is accurate
  • Increase your capabilities through the Art of the Question 
  • Experience the energy of your soul from other lifetimes
  • Detect energy blockages that might impact your ability to move forward in this lifetime
This class would be of interest to you if you are-
• Seeking confirmation that the information you receive is in alignment with yourself and business/career
• Looking to be more expansive + grounded with yourself + others
• Wanting to receive greater clarity and insight for yourself + others

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

By the end of this class you will:
• Be able to access the Akashic Records for yourself
 Experienced the interactive exchange by asking questions of the records 
• Receive profound integrated practical information in the records from the past, present and future
• Continue to build upon and support your spiritual growth

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash


The instructors, Jen and Cyndi, both of whom are very experienced in this field created a course that is informative, productive, fun, and healing. We learned a new way of understanding ourselves which doesn’t pinhole but shows where we are, have been, and where we can grow along a revolving system they call soul origins. That was fun because it’s always cool to learn about yourself. And they were very considerate of the variety of levels of intuitive experience present and managed the class so that everyone would benefit. Their presentation was clear and questions were patiently answered so that everyone understood.

The practices began with a foundation of grounded and connected energy, and subsequent practices were built upon that which made each journey safe and insightful.  The flow between instruction, discussion, practice and breaks was designed quite well so that everyone could engage and yet conserve and recharge their energy for the next part of the program.

One element that stood out for me is that Jen and Cyndi made accessing the Akashic Records easy. I have had instruction in this in different schools and this is the easiest and simplest method I have encountered, and it is just as valid. The Hall of Records is the same, however the space in between the student and the hall has been eradicated. It seems that it is within my energy rather than being far away. This ease in accessing the records actually made it tangible for all of us to receive insight in our individual ways and that was delightful.

This class has increased the ease in which I receive intuitive messages and energy healing. There is more depth to the insight and it comes faster than before which is really great because it’s no longer arduous to receive answers. For this and all of the above, I am grateful.

Susan O’Connell, Quantum Energy Healer



Pre-Session Material, Meditation and Workbook provided for you in the Welcome Email
May 30 class
  • Learning to open your records
  • Getting grounded
  • Practice sessions in the records
June 6 class
  • Clearing and replenishing energies
  • The art of the question
  • Practice sessions in the records
June 13 class
  • Energy of past, present and future lifetimes
  • Detect energy blockages 
  • Practice sessions in the records
Post Session: Check-in & Progress (Date TBD)
Cost and Payment Options
The online Akashic Records Lab intensive class is $299
Pay in full $299.00
•2 payments of $149.50 by May 29th
Pay in full $299.00 

2 payments of $149.50 

Want to chat about taking this class ?  Email me at jen @  jenduchene . com


Option to purchase the Online Akashic Lab Intensive, Online Akashic Light Grid and Online Soul Origins together $499.00
Save and Receive a Bonus when combining the Akashic Lab Intensive, Akashic Light Grid and Soul Origins
  • Save $98.00. 
  • Pay in full and receive a “Bonus” 30 minute Akashic Records reading from Cyndi or Jen 

    Online Akashic Light Grid and Online Soul Origins dates:

        • Saturday July 18 & 25
        • 10am-1pm mst, 12pm-3pm est, 4pm-7pm gmt
Online Akashic Light Grid and Soul Origins Lab Intensive will
• Activate healing through a unique and simple proprietary method called the Akashic Light Grid Method  
• Confidently recognize and incorporate your unique talents using the Soul Origins Assessment 
• Incorporate physiology and emotional healing in the chakras including the expanded 8+ chakra system
“Experiencing the Akashic Light Grid Healing Method was exceptional and just thinking about it brings on the vibration of transformation. I realize it is a continuing process that even the merest awareness of it engages the light. It is a wonderful edition to my cache of healing methods.”

Upon completion of the Online Akashic Lab Intensive, Online Akashic Light Grid and Online Soul Origins you’ll be eligible to enroll in the advanced training. 

The Advanced Training provides methods and techniques to work with others in the Akashic Records and administer the Soul Origins Assessment©, participants receive the facilitators training guide plus accompanying material. Upon completion of lab you’ll be eligible to take the advanced training. 

Meet Your Instructors 

Jen  Duchene as an Akashic Reader who comes from a long line of healers, Jen draws from her bottomless toolbox of intuitive intelligence, Akashic and numeric mastery, and the power of her signature Illuminating Journey Cards©. Jen provides Divine soul translations, serving as a clear channel to her clients as they release ‘emotional weight’ and activate fast-track healing which illuminates a new path forward.



Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D, FNLP, and a Certified Akashic Records Consultant. Cyndi integrates Functional Nutrition, Applied Kinesiolgy and Energy Medicine Technology for health and well-being. Cyndi created a Mystics approach that gets to the root causes of unresolved health issues, feeling stuck, ending weight loss resistance, and food cravings through focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.