Outdoor Rooms

There is something magical about the great outdoors in Summer.  Its almost as if all the sunshine and green velvety beauty calls to us.

Summer is flinging back her big doors and beckoning us in to her diverse spaces.  Small intimate patios and walled gardens.

Immense parks, and fields of green.      Suddenly our living room is in the backyard or beyond.

We jump out of bed dreaming of taking a breakfast picnic to the park, to  can work and watch the sun in the grass. Sink into the cushion of green. Soft, emerald stalks.

Walking barefoot on the dew, feet springing into loamy earth. Drinking in the glory that is nature, like its a potion to inspire us through the day.
Dance as the sun rises and turns beads of moisture into a necklace of rainbows.
Open our hearts to the cries of the kids at play, and see the birds jumping branches and diving for drops of water and worms.

Sometimes our backyards are a secret garden heart,  the sun warms the stone and hummingbirds buzz and drink nectar. Butterflies flit and work feels easy.

We can loll back in a garden chaise, of bold stripes, under a big floral umbrella, eating a plate of fresh fruit and honey.  Or talk business or lift with equal ease with nature as the perfect backdrop and eavesdropper.

Sit at a table, in easy clothes.   Quenching our thirst with a jug of  water flavored with lime and orange slices.     Feeling the hug of the green.

Something magical about summer, parks and gardens. It adds length to our days, and a special feeling that comes when summer glows.
Lunch in the park, walking and soaking up the rays of joy that hang like wings in the air.

Finding that bench that offers both shade and light and a view of the deep and sparkly colors that fly off the flowers.

Breathe into to the beauty in the afternoon, lying on a blanket, or playing ball games. Hearing the sound of the ball and running feet hitting the ground. A fountain spilling into a bowl.

Anything is possible when Summer sings.

Strolling as the sun starts descending, and the air feels redolent with magic. Birds in the air singing a melody of immense sweetness. Drinking an coffee shake at the metal park chairs. Being in the moment. Loving life.

What is your favorite park or outdoor spot to linger and smell the scent of summer?

Joie de Vivre


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