How to Change a room with Paint

I believe strongly that decorating is essential.  Far from being a superficial activity, it feeds directly to our souls.

I believe that the space you live in dictates how you live.

Why do we love going to luxury hotels. when we can?  Because they make us feel good.

How can anyone reach the heights of happiness when they live in a dungy dark depressing space of little light?

I believe in it so much that I make it my mission to find  charity projects to bring some color into a life that needs it.

One such project is one I am working on, in the bay area.

This Charity project that found me  is a County Home, for young women, a last stop to stay with their young babies, and learn some coping skills, before either going home babes in arms or

losing their beloved children to the state.

What an incredible moment.  I love it when a plan comes together.

I visited the home, talked to the director, who graciously gave me permission to swoop in change.

Since the building is modern and new, we need only to do a little tweaking and painting to bring a real sense of home to these women and their children.

Then its time to find the painter.  for free.  Not an easy task.  High High ceilings. Two big Great rooms.

After a couple months chasing down dead end alley ways, I write in my date book  FIND PAINTER at 1.00 pm a Thursday in April.

Funny thing I was at a networking meeting, with one of my favorite groups and I  sat next to an amazing woman.  Lorrie.

She told me she painted houses. among other things. and I asked her is she would be interested in painting our project.

Without hesitation she said YES!   I could not believe my luck.  Could life be this good and this simple?

Right now my Chapter members and I are involved in getting the decorations ready Sewing Pillows with donated materials, painting frames planning the spaces for the Redesign.

I am so excited to see the rooms finally made over,  I cannot wait.

What do you think?  Does changing a rooms paint color make you happy ?

Please comment below to share your thoughts.

And if you would like to change your home to color, call me Jennifer Duchene  at 650.644.8592  – I would love to see you shine

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How to Change a room with Paint — 31 Comments

  1. You’ve got your mojo working…attracting everyone you need just when you need them. My answer to your question is unequivocally yes. When I was pregnant with my second child I decided to banish all white walls from my house. I love living surrounded by color. My youngest is now 9 and I’ve been thinking it is time for a change…your post has got me thinking…

  2. Darcie I believe you are right. It feels great. Love to hear people talking about color. Gets me smiling! always happy to hear I got you thinking about color and change. A powerful mood enhancer. Let me know what colors you pick!

  3. Hi Jen, what a great job! I love color and yes my house is painted with beautiful colors too. I love walking into my office because it inspires me with all the color. Thanks for this great post you are awesome for giving your talent like this, and time!


    • Peggy thanks and yes that is what I am talking about. Color and inspiration. Life is all about that mix. Thanks for stopping by to share.

  4. First of all, you are Awesome, Jen, for giving your time and talent to a worthy organization! Kudos to you and your helpers!
    After reading your blog posts over the past month, your voice has been haunting me… in a good way 🙂 You’ve really got me thinking about new ways to bring in color, and minor changes that can make a big difference.
    I went to my favorite place for good finds (my mother’s garage!), and came away with a really cool desk lamp, that my brother had generously donated to the “garage of treasures”. I also uncovered a Picasso print, which was in my childhood house, and I had always loved it. The frame was dated, and it was covered in dust. I immediately made my way to Aaron Brothers, armed with a 33% off custom framing coupon. In 10 days, I will have new office art!
    Thanks for all of your terrific ideas, jen!

    • Heidi, you are making me smile with delight. I love to haunt people in a good way. Thrilled you checked out the “Garage of Treasures” and discovered old dreams and memories. Let me know how the art turns out and post a pic on my facebook fan page so I can see what you see. Thank You, for stopping by to take it all in Heidi!

  5. What a great project and I love that the laws of attraction came into play as they did – awesome! We have always loved color in our homes but have done nothing with the color here yet as the lighting was so dim we have had to work on that first. The color in the master bedroom is terrible – a very dull and depressing green – you have inspired me to change it. Thanks!

    • Louise me too it feels so good when it all comes together doesn’t it? Yes get yourself to the paint store. Bedrooms should be spaces of tranquility and romance. Love to hear what color you pick.

  6. The first thing you said that you belive that decorating is essential. I have lived in the same house for 6 years and have only redone 2 rooms. One because it was too dark the other because a tree went through the roof and wall and we had to pick a paint color. Where does a non decorator begin?

    • Jean, let me count the ways LOL! If you need guidance I will be happy to walk you through a phone consult with photos. Barring that I suggest you go through some home magazines and pull out pictures of rooms that appeal to you. Pick one room. A room that you spend time in every day. If you are apprehensive, chose a small room. Choose a color that you like, and paint some on a big white board. (Buy a tiny sample) Put the board up against a white background and move it around at different times of the day. Do you love it? does it look good? Then paint it. Go for it. Paint is easy to cover. Let me know what happens!

  7. How exciting and fulfilling for you it must be to share your gifts and talent with so many — I totally agree that changing the colors in a room can make all the difference in the world. I am so in awe of how you are bringing such joy to people in such a loving and generous way — if we all could share our talents in that way what a glorious place we would be living in! My husband and I have begun repainting our home one room at a time; my husband does not seem to want to give much thought to having the colors coordinate, but I have in the past felt as though you had to make sure the colors you use in a home all blend together somehow or look as though they go together. Does that really matter or should we just choose to paint a room whatever color we think it should be to feel the way we want it to feel??

    • Donna, you are right, sharing our gifts would make the world wonderful. We are blessed that so many people do share. Love to hear that people are painting. There are two options with paint. One is to blend the colors so there is a flow in the space. The other is to choose colors you like, but be sure to have a consistency in something. All your trim throughout the house should be one color, for example. Or all the ceilings and floors could be the same. Color is a very individual thing, and by having some sense of continuity it gives the eye a chance to rest. You could also paint all the halls the same colors, or stick to a 5 color palette throughout the house. Repetition definitely is desired sometimes. I suggest that you paint a couple of the rooms what you feel you want to, and then walk around and test how that all makes you feel when you are going from one room to another. Does it feel good? or does it feel like something is off? Keep me posted on the adventures of color.

      • Great advice, Jen! This helps me focus better on what to consider when choosing colors. I will keep you posted! Thank you!

  8. I’m so lucky that I get to see transformations almost on a daily basis. Clients who are initially afraid of color find it addictive to keep on going and make their home so, so special. Loved your post — what a beautiful feeling to have the chance to enhance others lives. 🙂

    • Regina, thanks so much for stopping by & commenting. You are lucky indeed that you are involved with painting and getting to change clients perspective of their homes. That is what I love about doing design & color! Yes it is a lovely thing to help others.

  9. What an inspiration. It is such a scary and difficult time for those young women. What a blessing to have a beautiful place to begin the coping process. It will be much easier in a warm surrounding.

    I wish I lived close. I love to paint.

    • Julia, I wish you lived closer too. We could paint and talk about writing! Yes young women do need a place to glow & grow.

  10. Jennifer, what a wonderful service. I agree about color. I’ll give you a call about the colors I inherited in my condo. I may need to change them. Thanks.

    • Michael thank you. I love to spread joy. Although reading your posts makes me realize I need to pay attention to results and measuring them as a biz owner. Please do give me a call, I would love to help you update your condo and make a space that reflects and enhances you.

  11. Wow! Congratulations on such a fabulous project and for working so hard for such a great organization. We have been in the process of painting our house one room at a time and it is amazing the difference it makes on the entire feeling of the room – and how I feel when I am inside it.

    I offer online marketing strategy and fulls service marketing implementation, so I do a lot of graphic design and website design – and color matters. Whether it is on the wall or on the screen, color choices make a huge difference in our experience with a space.

    Color is am important factor in the way I feel and I definitely notice a difference. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer Bourn, Bourn Creative
    Build Your Brand. Market Your Business. Accelerate Your Online Success.

    • Jennifer you bring up excellent points, how color is emotional and powerful, whether its rooms or spaces on paper or online, color lights up our lives. Joy does come in a can!

  12. This is beyond amazing and wonderful! To give the gift of place through color and design tells everything about your spirit. These women are so lucky–and you are lucky to be interacting with all the other good people donating services.

    I have done a poor job creating my spaces in physical terms (I do a lot with creating inner space…) Maybe this is part of my next frontier. I am certainly inspired after reading your post.


    • Judy, you have inspired me to get more involved in writing. Which really clears my mind. I love to spread the joy of color and good surroundings. So it is easy to give.

      Inner space is enhanced by the power of outer space! that is weird – like we are talking about space travel – maybe we are. I do hope you are inspired enough to at least consider adding color in accessories if not with paint and brush. Keep a journal and let me know if it changes how you feel!

  13. What a wonderful cause and great insight on the workings of a project. Your space can nurture your soul and has a profound affect on all that you do.

    I love your posts and insights on decorating. Thanks Jen.

    • Bill how true. Very powerful for me to use my skills to change lives. Healing can begin with changing the space one is in. Thank you so much for your terrific compliment. Love to catch up one day, in person. I feel sure you are a fountain of wisdom and awareness of the human condition.

  14. Great Jen- both the post but especially the way you share your life.

    When I recently moved to The Basement with a Million Dollar View, I was faced with not only being in a basement, but being under a large deck which really cut down the light. The owner had painted the kitchen a darkish green and the rest of the place, a blue. While they may have been nice colors, they certainly were wrong for the ambiance of The Basement with a Million Dollar View because they just seemed to enhance the darkness.

    I’ve painted most of the place a “cheery” yellow (much to the owner’s horror I’m sure). But I am a child of the sun and it helps to have the inside as bright and cheery as the million dollar view! So for me, I so agree with you about color.

    Candace Davenport ~ Little Books with a Big Message

    • Thanks Candace. You made me laugh talking about The Basement with a Million Dollar View. I guess sometimes the view is everything and sometimes we do need to bring the sunlight it. Smart move to do it with paint.
      A quick fix that pays back a million times! I love yellow rooms.

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