Path to Freedom

I wasn’t always a healer.  Now I proudly wave that flag.  Part of the healer within me lies in my numbers.  7 is the number of wisdom.   Looking to the past and through flashes of brilliance paving the way to the future.  Of course a pavement is still a walkway.  There is only one way to walk.
freed omOne step at a time.  In the present.

I am also an ordinary woman.  Yes I have talent and skills, as does everyone on the planet.

The more I move into my heart the more I can embrace my gifts with grace. The  greater is my ability to heal myself and others.

Love is that doorway on the path that fills me with the ability to accept who I am now.

Not someone who is lacking anything, rather someone who is perfect in her imperfection, right for right now, stepping toward greater knowing and being.

On the path to enlightenment.

Actually for many people that might sound ridiculous.  For me, the idea that there was a path to enlightenment certainly sounded ridiculous for a long time.

Yes. I scoffed at the very idea that a greater power cared about me.  Or that I could do anything or be anything that could make a difference in this world.   I abhorred the idea of being religious or spiritual.  I wanted only to be free.
3 womenSpiritual people were weird.  They wanted me to conform, wear ugly clothes, walk around chanting and brain washing people.   Of course that was my own dogma keeping me trapped in the idea that by being spiritual I was subject to other people’s clay infusions of what spirit meant.

Since I am motivated by freedom, sometimes I let rebellion fool me into thinking that is freedom.   Of course rebellion is just rebellion, unless I am standing firm in what I wish to practice.

A lot of my life has been spent in the trenches crying for freedom, without really being willing to stand up for my own freedom.  It is a double edged sword.  If I wish to be free (and I do) then I have to put my money where my mouth is.   Isn’t that an interesting phrase?

What am I willing to sacrifice to truly be free.  What fire will I walk through?

I wanted freedom, which I thought it meant defying systems and order.  Being an anarchist.  Burning up the old.   But I never understood what needed to be in place, for after the burning.

Freedom might be a country, but it has its own rules and code of conduct.  To have freedom, everyone who wants it, who wants to live in that place, has to be honorable, and trust a higher power.

We have to come from that same place.
chocolate desserts
Indulgence in self is not freedom.  Eating as much as I want whenever I want.  Is that freedom or another trap that tricks me into thinking I am free?  If I am slave to having certain foods, or not wanting to leave the comfort of my couch, because there are no chocolates on the road to freedom, am I on my true path?

There might be chocolate in Freedom.  And I hope there is.  But will that stop me from making the journey?  No.  Because Spirit is what drives my why, not chocolate.

Chocolate is a sweetmeat, a small indulgence in a moment.  Not a bad thing, not a good thing.  Just a moment of pleasure.   Chocolate is not Freedom.  Because chocolate is a thing. It may give me pleasure but it is not my only source of pleasure.  I want my drive to be enlightened, inspired with passion and sharing my gifts for those who resonate to my code.  Who are willing to forego chocolate so that the sacred taste buds of the heart mind and soul can all be lit up with the joyful healing of being fully awake and celebrating the richness of life.  Right now.

What do you want on your path to freedom, and what will inspire you to get up off the couch?

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